Winchester Speedway - Winchester, IN on September 10, 1999

Well here is my take on the Winchester Show...we were spoiled rotten!

Here is what I can remember of the playlist or what I thought was the playlist...if I mess up, the "crow" will have to fix it.

High On A Mountain Top - the steel guitar went out
Doin' My Time
Whiskey Ain't Workin'
Blue Train - thought of Evelyn
Dark As A Dungeon - finally heard it in person
Marty Stuart Visits the Moon - great
Burn Me Down
Sometimes The Pleasures Worth The Pain
Red, Red Wine And Cheatin' Songs - awesome live
Hobo's Prayer
Long Black Veil - wow!
Hillbilly Rock
The Pilgrim

My overall thoughts on the Winchester Festival.

1. BAD crowd - low numbers for a family reunion
- poorly advertised
- but the crowd that was there really enjoyed and appreciated great music

2. Blue Train - as soon as it started...I thought...wish Evelyn was here!

3. Dark As A Dungeon - the crowd loved it
- alone, was worth the price of admission!

4. Long Black Veil - awesome!
- been a while since I've heard this in concert.

5. Parents - I talked my parents into going to the show, since I like Marty and they had never seen him.
- they loved the show and were impressed
- Dad said "that Brad can sure pick that Flat-Top"

6. Mom - Mom got to meet Marty...details later

7. Radio - nothing but bad, bad things...details later.

I talked my parents into going to this show. They really went because Dad wanted to hear bluegrass and Mom wanted to see Marty. Mom still works, Dad is retired. Mom broke her arm just before
Christmas and has not been the same. Her arm is fine, but she doesn't sleep well, doesn't get too
excited, etc.

Fast-forward to the concert.

Mom was like a little kid. The bus pulls in late. It is dark outside. The interior bus lights are on, so you could see inside the bus, and Mom yells..."Oh, I saw Marty!"

She clapped during every song, and was in awe of how well he can play. (I'm sure she was impressed about other things, but I won't go there.)

She got to meet Marty afterward 'cause I sent in a Fan Club Application for her (off Sherry's site by the way). I introduced her to Marty, told him it was her first show, and we got autographs and such. Mom went first, then I got my CD cover signed and shook his hand. Told him I really enjoyed the show. As I turned to go, Mom turns back around and says "I like your new album." my mom is very soft spoken...I barely heard her say that...but Marty heard every bit of it...he stopped what he was doing...his eyes got a little bigger, smiled, and said "well thank you ma'am."

Mom really had a great was great to see her so excited...and I really think Marty deeply appreciated her comment. There may have only been a handful of country music fans there last night, but Marty made a few new followers...I know that for a fact!

Great Show!
Can't wait to hear from the Crow!

Review by Jeff (Smally) Small, Summitville, IN

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