Murphy Theatre - Wilmington, OH on April 10, 1999

Got up early and anxiously awaited Jamie's arrival. When she got here, we carried her scrapbooks in and stacked them with mine. We had lots to do at our slumber party!!! My mom came in to go with us and another friend, Sherrie, who only knows Marty through me. I told her after this show she will be a bonafide fan for life....GUARANTEED!!!!!!! Well off to the show. Its only 20 minutes from home, and a beautiful day to boot.

Wilmington is a small town and the Murphy Theatre is on Main Street with limited parking, so we drove around the block, saw the buses out back, parked and walked a couple blocks to the theatre. The lobby was filling up fast. I saw Glenda and Clarence, talked to them a little bit, This was their 318th show! She told me they are planning to go to Sparks for a few days. I told her the scoop on how to get the best table! She is real excited about going. She's a neat lady and I know they will have a great time. The doors opened and we found our seats.

Our group had the front row pretty much sewed up. There was the four of us, Glenda, Clarence, Margie and Ellie. I walked over and talked to Margie and Ellie for a bit. There was a girl behind them, I think she said her name was Cindy, can't remember where she was from { help me Margie, brain lapse!} She said she had read my Sparks review. It was getting close to showtime so I went back to my seat.

Now gang remember that I have not been to a show since October and I was sooooooo excited. When the lights went down and "Marty Stuart Visits The Moon" began to play, I could hardly sit still. Finally the announcement was made..... "Ladies and Gentlemen the Murphy Theatre is proud to present MARTTTTTTY STUUUARRRT!!!!" The place erupted. It was a great crowd clappin, yellin, whistlin, me right along with em! Now here is where another brain lapse comes in, it was the 2nd or 3rd song before I could focus, so you'll get the songs but not in the correct order but you'll get the idea!

The guys were in black and Marty had on black pants and knee-length coat with black embroidered roses and a HOT pink shirt. He looked way too fine!!! They all seemed in rare form and ready to party. The set included "Blue Train" and "Doin' My Time." He said he saw Johnny Cash last week and he was doing fine. He started to do "Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best" and told how he just can't do that song without thinkin about "Brother Travis Tritt" "Y'all know Travis is gonna have baby #2 in June and he ain't no outlaw anymore He's a daddy. Last Thanksgiving I was home watchin the Macy's Parade and thought I'd better check on ole Travis so I called him up and said 'what cha doin?' He said 'changin' diapers and watchin Barney'!" He did 2 new songs I don't know the name of and a Bill Monroe number on the mandolin. {Margie??} He did a really raise the hair on the back of your neck on "Oh, What a Silent Night." I am just amazed at his talent.

He did "Rocket Ship," "Tempted," "Little Things," "Hobo's Prayer," and he told about his love for trains and hobos and said "this is for anyone of you that are runnin or hurtin." He said they had been busy doing the soundtrack for Billy Bob Thorton. "We're movie stars now!" He had talked Connie into getting married but if all goes well the new album would be out in 2 months. They all crossed their fingers and looked toward heaven, Me Too!!!! He said they were gonna do a video for "Red Red Wine and Cheatin' Songs." "The crowd liked it.

He asked what did we want to hear. I think everything he's ever done was yelled for. He did "Now That's Country," and "Burn me Down!' Someone yelled "treat her like a lady" and he said " I do. That's why she married me!" Then he said "Long Black Veil" was one of his favorites and chill bumps were all over me. It was by far, bar none, the best I have ever seen him do it. He pulled out all the stops and brought it home straight from the heart! Then it was time for "Hillbilly Rock". I'm always sad when that comes. We all know that means we are at the end. The show is never long enough for us but I know he was tired.

He walked along the edge of the stage and waved and took a few bows and was gone. Well the crowd was having none of that!! We were on our feet givin it right back to him when a voice from the dark says, "Do you want some more?" DAH!!!!! Gary came out and played then Marty joined him and picked and the guys came back and Marty sang "As Long as I Have Jesus." Beautiful, Couldn't help it, the tears just started flowin. Sherrie took my hand and said "Wow!!!" Yes, my friends, we've got another one! Marty bowed, waved and was gone. The lights came up and none of us moved. We just looked at each other. My mom {69 years young} said "Ain't he the cutest thing!" Sherrie just loved all his expressions. Jamie and I were numb.

The meet and greet began to line up and we stayed toward the end. I had a drawing I wanted to give him. The friend of mine who did the oil painting was kind to me again and did a pen and ink for me. The drawing has Marty in the middle and around him are: Conne, Travis, Johnny, Oscar Lee and a mandolin. In the clouds, Lester is looking on. The background has 3 crosses on a hill. I can't really do it justice.

Mike came out and talked to us, wanted to know if we were coming to the fan club party this year, and said he would have him out here shortly. Steve came over for a few minutes also. He asked if I was gonna make Sparks this time. I told him I sure was trying! We told him we really enjoyed the show. He said Marty really likes to play small places like this so get on the phone and call and request him. The line was on the move and then it was my turn.

Marty said, "Howdy. How are ya?" I said, "fine," then he wanted to know what I brought and when I turned it over. He said "That's all my angels. Look that's Lester." Mike leaned over and pointed to Connie and said "Who's that, Tammy Wynette?" and just laughed. I said, You know that's Connie!" Marty said, "Yeah, Tammy's over here" and pointed to the crosses! I said, "Man, Marty that's cold!" He got a funny look on his face and said "Was it?"

Then he grinned real big said it would hang in a special place then he said, "You should sell it to the fan club and make you some money. You have my permission to do it." I said, "No it's special for you, but I copied it for some special friends." He said, "Copy it sell it and get back some of the money you spend." He gave me a really good all important hug and thanked me again, said he'd see me soon. The crew had everything pretty much loaded, so my long-awaited night was at an end.

We walked back to the car and started home. We were all talkin about the show and I really wasn't watching were I was going so I turned down the wrong street, had to turn around got caught at a light, started down this country road and up in front of us was the bus! We were behind it until it turned onto I-71 south, red tail lights fading into the night on the way to another Marty Party. Jamie and I continued our slumber party, laughing, talkin over Marty moments, lookin at scrapbooks and pictures until 3 am. It was like we were 13 again!

Review and photos by Sheila Walters, Waynesville, OH

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