Wildhorse Saloon - Nashville, TN on July 24, 1999

First of all, I headed to Nashville about 12:30 p.m. ET and only encountered four (4) thunderstorms on the way in a 2-1/2 hour drive. I now have a new respect for thunder and lightning after I've been on a mountaintop right amongst the worst of it. I only wish some of you suffering droughts right now had a third of the rain I drove through.

But I arrived safely (and unshhhhhhaken). We arrived at the Wildhorse around 6:00 p.m. and met up with Shelby Jean outside first thing. We also saw someone Jodee introduced to Sherry named Cathy. Cindy and her friend, Margie Sullivan and Anna-Marie were there and Margie's daughter Summer and Leslie Anne Rawlings. We saw Brenda Metz from Knoxville and Tami Krato.

We bumped into Gregg first thing looking for Jodee, then as we stood talking to him, Jodee and Rachel came down the stairs from dinner. It was already very crowded as the dance floor was cut in half with tables set up in front of the stage for the NAMM/Fender VIP seating.

Jodee had to go on back to get everyone ready for the show. All at once, the large screen dropped from the stage ceiling and suddenly we are watching every one of Marty's videos. What a treat! (A Musical Tribute to Marty Stuart). The uncut version of "Tempted" (remember how sometimes CMT cut out the beginning and end of it?). Then when we were getting ready for the first two acts, they played Marty's songs -- after the videos and before the first show.

There was a broadcast from Buck Owens from California congratulating Marty on his presentation right on the big screen. There were plenty of line dancers and two-steppers even on the small condensed dance floor. Always easy to dance to most all of Marty's music.

Marty's list of songs went like this: "Long Black Veil" and I heard some folks from the VIP seating just ooohing and ahhhing over that one on the first few notes, so they know his music well too. "Swinging Doors," "Buckaroo," "A Soldier's Joy," "Are You Ready For The Country," "Southern Accent," "Rocket Ship," "Tempted," "Red, Red Wine and Cheatin' Songs," "Sometimes The Pleasure's Worth The Pain," and (of course) "Hillbilly Rock"....... not necessarily in that order.

It was a very different mix from what we'd been hearing at concerts lately, and he had so much fun. Everyone around us was enjoying the show too. I noticed some of the Fender people looking around to see all the people gathered around to watch the show. The dance floor was full (standing), and all the second floor had people all the way around, at the seats on the balcony.

They made the presentation and Marty also called his mom (Hilda) up onstage and presented her with what I think he said was the first Telecaster guitar. It was so comical when he made the "comment" about his first guitar he ever bought and his mom points her finger at him, shaking it like "now, now." Everyone got a kick out of that. His mom, Connie and Jennifer (his sister) were all there to cheer him on. His three leading ladies.

Afterwards, we spoke to a lot of the people I mentioned earlier and Jodee took Anna-Marie back to see Marty. She is the cutest thing with those big dark eyes that look at you like she is taking in everything you say to her. After our good-byes we headed back and one of my first comments was how much fun it had been. I enjoyed the videos and the show and Marty really had a good time as well as everyone who was being entertained. The Telecasters are beautiful and Gregg's drums match them. They are a blue metal flake that just sparkle! They were "just gorgeous." I had a great time and really appreciated them allowing the fan club members this access. We just had to show our membership cards to get into the Wildhorse. Really made me feel special and I appreciate it more than Jodee and the rest realize.

There's nothing like a great weekend that includes Marty and "special friends."

Review by Mary Runyan, Dayton, TN

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