Falls Fest - Wichita Falls, TX on September 25, 1999

Well, it started out a nice warm day and excitement from getting to meet Marty and Darlene, a Onelister who we have only chatted with. Beverly didn't know what she looked like but Darlene had sent me a pic of her and her husband. As we approached the stage I saw a woman with long blonde hair with her back to us, and I knew it was her; I could feel the vibes of another Onelister near. I yelled "Darlene" and she turned around and she jumped up and we all hugged as if we had known each other for years, It was really wonderful getting to meet up with her.

As the night went on, we talked and waited for the Marty man to come out and play. Then the time came for him to come out on the stage, the crowd was ready and yelling loudly. We sat in the 3rd row back on the ground (with the stick tites) and listened to Marty play a wonderful set of songs. I was so excited to get to see him again. Marty talked a lot at this show and people were still yelling for more. You could tell Marty was pleased that the crowd was into his music and when he talked about sending a telegram to Alan stating "You are the man," the crowd went wild again. Then he played some more and then called Randy out and dedicated a song for him. He had learned his grandmother had passed away that day and it brought tears to my eyes. When Marty was finished, then it was time for the meet and greet.

We waited about 40 minutes until we could do the meet and greet, but we didn't mind. The only thing was that the place where people had parked, they were going to lock the gates and told us we wouldn't be able to get our cars out until Tuesday. We all had a panic attack because as they were telling us this Mike came to get us for the meet and greet. We asked Mike if he could stop them and he said he would get our cars out. He said he would take out the gates with the bus. We all laughed. Then it was time for me to meet Marty. He wrote a long long message on my Onelist shirt. Beverly said what did he do write a book. It says "To Serena, don't let your deal go down, Love Marty Stuart." I don't know what it means so I plan on asking him on Saturday when we see him in Ft. Worth.

The night was complete, I got to listen to Marty and see him too. What more could a person asked for.

I am sorry I don't mention any songs but Beverly got to write them down this time. I hope you enjoyed this review.

Review by Serena Williams, Noble, OK

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