Graham Central Station, Wichita Falls, TX on December 14, 2001

OK guys. It's my turn for a review. I don't have the play list cause Beverly has it and I forgot to get a copy so go by her list. I will give you a run down of the night. Hope you enjoy it.

We started out on a Marty high, laughing and singing all the way down there hoping Beverly didn't end up in Wilson, OK since that is where she ended up when she went to go get the tickets. LOL. We waved toward Ringling as we went by wishing our other Martypal was with us. :( As we got closer to the club, Beverly's hands started to get clammy as if she hadn't ever seen Marty before. We approached the club and outside was this wonderful dark blue bus. It had to be Marty's we could feel his presence.

As we waited in line, we noticed signs everywhere saying NO CAMERA'S OR VIDEOS! Of course that didn't make us too happy but as long as we could see the band we would make it through the night. Then, while waiting in line, since it wasn't cold enough outside, the club decided to bring the snow inside. We had white stuff all over our shirts and in our hair, It did wonders for the nice black shirt I had on. Looked like I had dandruff. After brushing off that terrible stuff, off to our seats.

We got to our table and it was very crowed, but we had good seats. We were only one table from the stage. We waited patiently as the opening band really sounded bad and watching the drunk people fall and stumble by us. We noticed another lady at the front table in front of us with a fan club button on. She must have noticed another Marty member for she made her way to our table and was asking Beverly about the book she had and wanting to get one. In no time we had made a friend with another fan club member. Her name is Jo. She was very nice and encouraged Beverly and I to sit at their table for they had two seats and didn't want those rude drunk people sitting with her and her husband so Beverly and I couldn't believe that our night was getting ready to get a little better.

As they introduced Marty and the Rock-n-Roll Cowboys, the place came alive. It was so loud I couldn't hear myself yelling. The guys took the stage and the honky tonkin' began. Marty played his heart out and Steve noticed us right off. He laughed and made faces at me a few times. Steve saw me holding my ear. He leaned over and showed me his earplugs and grinned. All through the night Marty sang, danced and pleased a very rowdy front row. Some more drunk then others, I guess, but Marty had a good laugh. I couldn't believe we were so close. We could just reach out and touch them.

After the encore, they told the fan club members to go to the right of the stage, That is where Steve caught up with us and talked for a good 15 minutes. There were only 7 fan club members that is including me, Bev, her son and his friend James. As we stood there talking to Steve, he was so funny, trying to get me to buy a Range Rover when I get my money. We talked and laughed the whole time. He had us in stitches. He took my picture that Bev gave me and said he would be right back with it. He came back, signed it and had shown it to Marty. He said "check out my halo" cause on the picture it looks like he has one.

Then when they said it was time for us to go to the bus for the meet and greet, Steve escorted us out to the bus. I was thrilled. I gave Jo an extra picture for she didn't have one with her. That is the least I could do for letting us sit there in the front row with her. We approached the bus and there stood Marty with a black leather coat on. It was very cold out there and I didn't have a coat on. As he signed Beverly's stuff, he thanked her for asking about his father and I watched him talk to her, he was the same sweet talented man I have met several times.

Then came my turn. The first thing was, "OK now, I have alot of hugs I need to get for all of Martypal girls on the email list." He gladly said "ALRIGHT" like he was ready to give them hugs. He gave me one big long tight hug for all of you. I told him "thank you" and he said "no problem" OOOOHHH my heart and body was warm then. I felt no cold. It was probably 30 degrees outside but I didn't feel no pain after that hug. I told him Merry Christmas and I hope to see them all soon. He and the band made my Christmas.

Again another great performance from Marty and the Cowboys. I can't wait till the next time. Hope this wasn't too boring for you. I just sat there the whole night watching them play, we had such great seats and Marty and the band recognized us. It was nice to see and hear them play again.

Review by Serena Williams, Noble, OK

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