Graham Central Station, Wichita Falls, TX on December 14, 2001

This show was definitely a Honky Tonk show. The crowd was loud and intoxicated. They didn't allow cameras so I have no pictures. I would have had very good pictures for we were on the front row. Marty and the guys hit the stage wound up. They started with "Hillbilly Highway" and then went to "Hey Baby." Next came "The Whiskey Ain't Workin'." They did a lot of great guitar picking. All the fast songs were a little longer because of all the picking and the crowd loved it. Marty and the Cowboys seemed to enjoy it too. "Honky Tonk Crowd" came next and believe me, this was a Honky Tonk crowd. "Just to Satisfy You" is one of those songs I would like to hear recorded on an album. He does a fantastic performance on that song. After that he introduced my favorite band, The Rock And Roll Cowboys. He then went into "Little Things." He talked about how he loved Johnny Cash and dedicated "Blue Train" to him.

Now it was time for "Burn Me Down." Serena laughs at me every time he sings that song. It happened one year at Fan Fair. I had gotten up that morning and took a shower. Well, I have one of those night shirts that has "Touch Me, Turn Me On and Burn Me Down" on the front of it. I guess when I took it off, I dropped it on the dirty towel pile. Well, that night, I could not find my night shirt. Serena said I bet you put it in the towel pile and the cleaning lady took it to the laundry. Serena called the front desk and told them I lost my night shirt with the towels. She gave them a description of the night shirt and they about died laughing when she told them what it said. Later, a woman called our room and asked me if I had lost a night shirt. She made me describe it to her all the time she was laughing. It was just too funny. She said could you describe it to me? I was so embarrassed. I went to get it and she was still laughing. Every time we go to the Clubhouse Inn, she laughs at me and asks if I still have my night shirt.

Ok, now that I've told yall a story, I'll get back to the concert. After "Burn Me Down" came "Satisfied Mind". He does very well on this song too. He then did a little bit of "That's What Love's About." "Okie from Muskogee" was next. I think he did that for us Oklahoma girls. Then came "Western Girls" and "Now That's Country." He jumped right into "Hillbilly Rock." Usually he saves that for his encore. I was sad. I didn't think he would come back out. But he didn't let me down. He came back and sang "Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down."

Then it was time to say good-bye. He shook hands with the people down front including me. Steve gave me his play list and we went stage left for the meet and greet. Steve came and talked to us for a while and Serena gave the photo that I took of him at Billy Bob's. He loved it. He left with it and later came back and had signed it. He said he showed it to Marty and said "look, check out my Halo." He also wrote that on the picture. We talked with him for a while. Then we got hugs from Gregg and Brad. Then we were told we could make our way to the bus for out meet and greet. Steve was still standing there with us, so he personally escorted Serena and I to the bus. He was so funny. We got in line. While standing there Brad and Gregg came back out and I showed them the photo where Marty looked like he was kissing Brad on the nose. They got a big laugh out of that. Then it was our turn to see Marty. I asked him about his father and he said "he is doing fine" and "thanks for asking." He signed a couple things for me. I showed him the photo of him and Brad and he laughed. He signed that too. I was just going to show it to him. Now I need to get Brad to sign it. Then it was time to leave. We said good-bye and we were on our way to Denny's and back home.

Review by Beverly Kerr, Rush Springs, OK

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