Capital Music Hall - Wheeling, WV on May 18, 2002

When I got to the Music Hall, I was already excited to see Marty since it has been awhile.

There were two buses outside on the street at the time. The one you could not see into due to some sort of a silver cover coming down over the windows in the front. So I knew that that one was for sure Marty's.

We went in and got seated,which was 10 rows from the front of the stage in the center. We could see the stage very well. All of the show was live on the air from one of the local radio stations in the area that night which made all of us a part of the show too.

First a local band was on stage and, by the way, were very good. They would break to do a Kroger commercial since it was all live. At the end of their show they did a very nice patriotic set.

Finally they asked if we were ready for Marty and,of course,we all were. Beforehand, there was a short intermission.

The time had come. There stood Marty and his new band. At first it just seemed weird not to see Steve and Brad and Gregg. The new members looked to be very young.

They started to play the usual and I won't go into all of the songs. After a song or two, Marty then introduced his "new" band to us all. Their names where, Kenny on the lead guitar, Brian on the bass and Harry on the drums. Seeing only 3 members was also different.

I have to be honest and tell you that when I first saw them, I was not quite so sure. But knowing how musical Marty is I didn't give up hope.

Let me tell you that I was pleasantly shocked!!! Marty said, "Let me show you what Kenny can do" and he did a song called, I think, "Walk Like That." Let me tell you that this young man is totally awesome on the guitar. Extremely talented! All I can say is, "wow". I knew that Marty wouldn't let us down. Kenny is a cross between, Buddy Holly and Carl Perkins. That's just my opinion.

Marty then did more of his songs -- a couple of his new ones, "Surrender" and one song that I can't remember the name. He said that last year he went home a lot because he missed home. The song was about being country or something like that. It was of course great!!

Then he let Harry, his drummer, do a solo. It was very good also and Marty really seemed to be enjoying himself. When Harry would hit a higher note, Marty would kind of raise his hand up to go along with the voice change and get a cute smile on his face.

After all of that, Marty said "This is the first time to be on the road with my new band." He asked, "What do you think of them?" All were, needless to say, quite pleased. Marty then said, "Of course, my band doesn't suck!" He was also very pleased.

They played a couple more songs and Marty left the stage and then came back for two more songs. At the end he thanked his band and also Connie who peeked out from behind the curtains and waved to us.

Now someone said that there would be a meet and greet with Marty right after the show. No pictures where allowed. That was not my highlight of the evening. Of course, seeing Marty was. As we all waited in line, I got up to Marty and said,"Okay, since I can't have a picture with you, I will take a hug" and of course he gives great ones.

I then told Marty that he had a great band and that I would see him at his Late Night Jam in Nashville in a couple of weeks. He said it is going to be a great time!

I then went outside and took a picture next to Marty's bus and then I saw someone coming out of the other bus that was there. I said to the man, "Are you with Marty?" He said that he was a friend of Marty's and that he and his wife have their bus and go along with Marty.

It was a great evening and not the same without the Cowboys. But let me tell you, Marty's three- piece band will rock your socks off. There is a great future to be had. Kenny, the lead guitarist, is spectacular!!! Just wait and see.

Review by Rosalie Keough, Export, PA

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