Indian Ranch - Webster, MA on August 23, 1998

Marty is looking real good. He was all dressed in black (love those leather pants) and the Rock and Roll Cowboys were also dressed in black. I know I won't remember all the songs he sang. Some of them were "Tempted" and "Western Girls." He played the mandolin to "Can't Help Falling in Love With You" and had the crowd sing it back to him.

He told the story about Mr. Cobb and Travis and he also sang the song he did on PTC about George Jones, Johnny Cash, Travis Tritt. I can't remember the name. Of course he introduced the band and this time they were all from MA. He seemed to be having a blast on the stage--full of energy and very funny. I know I left a lot out. Should've wrote it down.

I then went to the meet and greet there were quite a lot of people there. When I finally got in, Marty was taking pictures with the fans. (Wow, I thought, this is great took out my camera so I would be ready. Security at Indian Ranch was taking the pictures for him. Well along came Mike ( I think I have the right name) and that ended the pictures. He stood right there hurrying people along.

I found Marty to be very quiet and looking tired. I was happy to meet Margie, Judy and Pat there. I wish I had found them earlier. Perhaps the next time I will be able to spend more time getting to know them.

Review by Rita Marshall

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