The Marty Stuart Fan Page was created to give the fans the most up-do-date information on Marty. I also wanted a forum where the fans could contribute to the content of the website. Marty's fans continue to share Fan Comments (on Marty, his TV show, and this website), Concert Reviews, Photographs (including pictures taken of the fans with Marty), and the fans even share a Memorable Marty Moment or two. This is the only website where you'll find hundreds of articles on Marty, reviews of all his albums, and a complete discography. The Fan Page was launched January 25, 1998 and contains over 1,650 pages and thousands of photographs..

No, this is not Marty's official website. Marty has an official website located at So, who is this Sherry person who is webmistress of the Marty Stuart Fan Page?

Simply put ...... I am a fan of Marty's -- just like you! 1991 was the year I first heard the song "Tempted." I was hooked on Marty Stuart and his music.

No, I do not work for Marty. No, I do not know how to contact Marty. Yes, I have met Marty -- many times. Living in Nashville, I have attended TV tapings (including the TNN Marty Party tapings), fan club parties, book signings and other events honoring Marty. In other words, my contact with Marty has pretty much been the same as any other fan.

Please do not send emails to Marty and Connie through this website as I have no way of seeing that they get them.

If you'd like to read the Guestbook, click here. Thank you for your support of Marty and the Marty Stuart Fan Page. Now, I hope you'll take the time to surf through the website and ... enjoy your visit.

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Photo in banner taken by Sherry Mattioli

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