Huck Finn Days - Victorville, CA on June 20, 1999

[Well, since all us Western Girls are here together at Deanna's (Deanna, Heather, Glenni and Sherry) we decided to do a "Group Review"!]

The day started early - 5 a.m. - and we were out the hotel doors at 6:15. After a quick run to McDonalds we were off for the Huck Finn Jubilee. We didn't have any problems getting in and there wasn't a line.....we were in the front row at 6:30 am.....only 11-1/2 hours until the Marty Party!!!!!!!!

We suffered all day in the heat; taking turns babysitting our "campsite" so no one moved us (they're famous for doing that if you're not at your chair) and sat through some great bluegrass music. (BTW: Keep your eyes and ears peeled for an up-and-coming bluegrass group called " Mountain Heart" they are wonderful!). The Rock and Roll Cowboys arrived in style - in the old Martha White Flour Bus! Circa 1940-50's? They had to take a rest at the bottom of the Cajon Pass so it could cool down for the trip up!

Now, for the show: Casual dress, too hot (high 90's) for the fancy stuff, just tees and jeans. Marty was all in black and looked HOT! They opened with "High On A Mountain Top" and went into "Doin' My Time." Then did "Whiskey" (talked about the new Tritt kid), "Blue Train," "Oh, What A Silent Night," "Tempted" and then into some of the new songs. Started off with "We Are The Lonely," "Sometime's the Pleasure's worth the Pain," "Hobo's Prayer."

Please note that during the last two songs listed, Sherry was playing "peek-a-boo" with a certain blonde off the side of the stage by Les. CONNIE SMITH! (she kept peeking out from around the side of the soundboard where Les was and only Sherry saw her at first - then Glenni joined in!) Marty brought her out and she sang "Wayfaring Stranger" with Marty on mandolin - wonderful! Then Marty continued the show with Brad and Marty doing their dueling guitars and then "Hillbilly Rock." Their encore was "Burn Me Down" and "The Pilgrim."

DISCLAIMER: We may have missed a few songs, not sure as when Connie came out and shocked everyone, we all lost our minds, not to mention we were suffering from heat stroke! LOL It was worth sitting in the heat all day, even though there was not a meet and greet, we STILL got to see Marty and Connie and all the guys. GREAT SHOW, GREAT DAY!!!

Review by The Western Girls
Deanna Stevens, Glennie Alioa, Heather Rusché and Sherry Wise

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