Transcript from Chat on - July 27, 1999

host-Cid: Good evening, and welcome to! Our special guest this evening is Marty Stuart, joining us live this evening from Nashville, TN. Marty, thanks for joining us!

Marty Stuart: My pleasure, glad to be online with you. (Wave)

host-Cid: So first, how about telling us a little bit about The Pilgrim.

Marty Stuart: The Pilgrim is my first album in three years, took three years to write. Based on a true story that happened in my hometown, murder, deception, true love, suicide, a tragedy that had a happy ending. "The Pilgrim" was a good character in the story. Started out as a song and ended up as a concept album. A lot of people came by to help me. It's like an opera.

host-Cid: So, it's a true story?

Marty Stuart: Based on a true story.

host-Cid: That's really interesting.

Marty Stuart: All right!

Anonymous Question: Who did you like when you were young?

Marty Stuart: My main influence was Johnny Cash, bluegrass bands, and I liked Muddy Waters a lot.

host-Cid: And you got to work with Johnny Cash and Earl Scruggs, right?

Marty Stuart: Yes, both of them. I got my start with Lester Flat when I was 13. My only real jobs were with him and Johnny Cash.

Question from Anmchadh: Hey Marty you remember Slim Richey?

Marty Stuart: Yes. He was a zany character from Texas. He recorded my first album on me on Ridge Runner records in the 70s. Do you know where he is now?

Anonymous Question: Why did it take you so long to compose the album, Marty?

Marty Stuart: I wanted to really stop making records long enough to make something special. This is almost like my life's work. A mile marker after 25 years. I wanted a record that told my musical story, and carried a lot of other people along with it. It really was a spiritual oddessy and a personal journey as well. It took three years to get it all together.

Anonymous Question: So since it took you so long to write do you consider yourself a perfectionist?

Marty Stuart: No, just slow. (LOL)

host-Cid: (Smile)

Question from carloscars1: Is it true you have a home in Louisiana?

Marty Stuart: No, I have a place in Mississippi, but not Louisiana. I should have a home in LA because I was out there 30 days last year.

host-Cid: And you're going to be playing the Troubadour when?

Marty Stuart: August the 3rd.

host-Cid: Oh, right on, that's next week!

Marty Stuart: I'll be at the home of the Troubadour next Wednesday.

host-Cid: I'll show up if I can!

Question from JimRoma_: Hello Marty how are you doing? I have a question. I would like to know if you ever got back in contact with Travis Tritt doing another video?

Marty Stuart: I'm doing fine. Travis and I stay in touch all the time. We talk almost weekly. He and his wife just had their second child. He is making babies and I am making records this year. So we aren't working together this year.

Question from sweets89: What kind of whiskey do you and Travis drinK?

Marty Stuart: Whatever is in the dressing room. I actually quit drinking whiskey. But I think Travis likes Jim Beam, premium.

host-Cid: Whoo!

Marty Stuart: The last time we had a drink together, I was the best man at his wedding. Just before he went to get married, we had a shot of whiskey together.

Comment from Anmchadh: He lives down north of Austin now playing in a band called the "Jazz Pharoahs."

Marty Stuart: Well, give my love to Slim Richey. When I knew him, he was a preacher, now he is a pharoah, glad to see he is doing good.

host-Cid: (Smile)

Comment from _Purple51: Marty I started liking you when I first saw you with Johnny C. at Carowinds.

Marty Stuart: Cool. Thank you.

Anonymous Question: What is the thing you like the most about performing and being a role model to young people?

Marty Stuart: Oh. The thing I like the most about performing is instant response, the truth of a song and audience or making an audience forget their problems for 90 minutes. If I can do that I feel I've done my job for the evening. I have never set myself up to be a role model, I'm a Christian, some days I make it, some days I land flat. I go to God, I think there's the role model.

host-Cid: That's a good role model to have.

Anonymous Question: Did you sing in church as a kid?

Marty Stuart: Yes, the first time I ever sang in public was at church. Church music has been interwoven throughout my life. Gospel singers are my favorite people and some are friends. Church plays a big part in my life.

Question from Debi_Do: What is your favorite song of yours?

Marty Stuart: Oh. At the moment, "The Pilgrim." It changes day to day. "Tempted" from a previous album. "Pilgrim" wraps up 25 years in about five minutes.

Question from _shanadavi: Hi Marty, this is Miriam Davis from KNOT radio in Prescott, AZ.

Marty Stuart: Hi Miriam Davis.

host-Cid: Is that someone you know?

Marty Stuart: I would assume we've met somewhere along the way, probably at a country music station.

Question from Cowgirl05: Hey Marty!! When will you be in Bakersfield, CA next?

Marty Stuart: I was just there two weeks ago.

host-Cid: Cowgirl, you gotta get that paper out, and pay more attention.... :-)

Marty Stuart:< ".B"> That's it! (Wink)

Question from kassie326: Hi Marty. Have you always liked to sing? How old were you when you first performed in front of an audience and where were you?

Marty Stuart: I was about 7 or 8 years old when I sang in church. Had my first band when I was 9.

host-Cid: Wow! That's WAYYY before the Backsteet Boys.

Marty Stuart: Yeah, the dirt road boys. I have always liked to sing. I love singing.

host-Cid: (Smile)

Marty Stuart: Making music is good. (Smile)

Anonymous Question: Do you have a website where we can write to you Marty?

Marty Stuart: I absolutely do and don't know my address. Sorry.

host-Cid: Well, I'm sure the more resourceful people will be able to find it.

Marty Stuart: Try

Question from DixieRed03: How's Connie doing Marty?

Marty Stuart: Connie is great. She is great, we've had the day off together all by ourselves and have hung out and had a lot of fun. We are both doing fine today. Thank you.

Anonymous Question: Do you think country music is going in a new direction?

Marty Stuart: I think it is about evolution. It has been evolving since the first day it started. I think it is in strange territory right now. I think it could do itself a favor and get back to the heart and soul of the matter. It is like throw-away pop music right now. That is simply my opinion, but that is the way I see it.

Comment from Gerri28: Marty, I love your hair. My fiance laughs at me all the time because everytime I see you I tell him "wish my hair would do that" haha

Question from barberdi: Marty, I have always loved your Hair, do you cut it yourself?

Marty Stuart: It's easy, all you do is wet it, hang it out the window going downtown at 65 mph. By the time you get there it's done. No, there is a girl in Southern California named Cyl that does it. If I cut it myself it would look like Keith Richards and Woody Woodpecker.

Question from Gerri28: Marty, I saw you at the Akron Rib Fest last year ... when will you be back in Akron?

Marty Stuart: As soon as the indigestion goes away. I don't know, the next time I am invited. (LOL)

host-Cid: Heh! (LOL)

Anonymous Question: Will you be coming to Buffalo?

Marty Stuart: We were just there last week!

host-Cid: These people, I'm tellin' ya, they gotta start reading the paper!

Marty Stuart: Yeah. Buffalo to Bakersfield.

host-Cid: You did the "B" tour!

Marty Stuart: We were in Alberta, Canada this week!

Comment from JimRoma_: Thank you for answering my question Marty. I am a great fan of yours and always will be take good care of yourself and I hope to talk with you again sometime!!!

Marty Stuart: (Wink)

Comment from kechara_k: Marty! You are my hero! You are one of the greatest pickers ever to live and I just had to let you know that! You are a great musician! Love you and your work! Kech

Marty Stuart: Thank you.

Question from sweets89: What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the music business?

Marty Stuart: Stay away from my first manager.

host-Cid: Hah!!!

Marty Stuart: If you're truly committed to doing it and being a part of it. When you commit yourself, stay committed regardless of the consequences. Be dedicated.

Anonymous Question: Are there any artists that are out right now that you like?

Marty Stuart: Several. I love Sheryl Crow's new record. I am a big fan of Cher's album "Do You Believe." I thought "Believe" was an incredible song. And of course, the Backstreet Boys (Wink)

host-Cid: Gotta love them Backstreet Boys! ;)

Question from CRax-: Marty, my 9-year-old loves you and he just loves how you dress and he wants to know where you get your clothes at!

Marty Stuart: There are two people that make them, one in N. Hollywood, Jaime, who makes custom cowboy clothes.

host-Cid: Oh, he's over on Lankershim??

Marty Stuart: Yes. And Dwight Yoakam gets his clothes there.

host-Cid: Oh, I've seen that place before.

Marty Stuart: Steven Seagal, too. In Nashville, the guy who makes my clothes is a man named Manuel. Since I was 12.

Question from host-kalico: Marty, have you done any duets with any women country singers? I can't think of any right off.

Marty Stuart: Pam Tillis. She's on the new album on "Red, Red Wine" and a song called "Reasons."

Question from kaylee.2: Hi Marty! Will you be in Minnesota this summer?

Marty Stuart: I certainly hope so. It's cooler there than anywhere else.

host-Cid: Is it baking in Nashville now?

Marty Stuart: It's about 104!

host-Cid: I talked to someone in Missouri and it was like 115!

Marty Stuart: We were in Bakersfield. It was rough up there too a couple of weeks ago.

Question from DixieRed03: I love the song "Shelter From The Storm" from the "Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best" CD. Where did you find such perfect words about love?

Marty Stuart: Me and my friend Kostas got a hotel room at a place in Santa Monica called Shutters.

host-Cid: Oh yeah?!

Marty Stuart: We were just looking over the ocean, one day Kostas came in with a pretty melody and there was a big storm coming in. We looked out across the ocean and the words drifted in from the sky at Shutters.

host-Cid: Drifted in on the sea breeze! That wouldn't be Costas Mandelar, would it?

Marty Stuart: No, Kostas Lazeradies.

Question from Anmchadh: Who put that Scuggs tuner on your Fender?

Marty Stuart: The guy that originally owned it, Clarence White. When he played with the Birds he used it.

host-Cid: Now, I saw that you've got some famous guitars on "The Pilgrim," right?

Marty Stuart: Right.

host-Cid: A whole bunch. Are they all yours?

Marty Stuart: Yes, it's out of the guitar collection.

host-Cid: 11 different guitars.... How many different guitars do you have?

Marty Stuart: Oh, God, I don't know a warehouse.

host-Cid: A warehouse? Wow...

Marty Stuart: I try to stay away from them. It's like buying art.

host-Cid: It's like buying a house, and a couple of acres to go with it!

Marty Stuart: Exactly, several houses.

Question from lexi70_: Where was your most memorable concert or performance?

Marty Stuart: I have yet to have it. Maybe the first time I ever played the Grand Ole Opry at 13.

host-Cid: Wow! You played the Opry at 13?

Marty Stuart: Yeah, it's where I started. It was my debut.

host-Cid: Were you the youngest person to play there?

Marty Stuart: At that time, I think so.

host-Cid: Someone younger's been there?

Marty Stuart: Well, was LeAnn Rimes there?

host-Cid: She's like 16, even though she's got those fake....

Marty Stuart: She moved to LA, and got some...

host-Cid: Um...hooters! She got them Beverly Hills bumpers!

Anonymous Question: How did you get your big break in the biz?

Marty Stuart: It was with Lester Flatt when I was 13 and that pretty much exposed me to a national audience and it came pretty early.

Comment from ButterflyTat2.: Hi Marty ... just wanted to let you know I think you are a great singer ... loved you and Travis together ... and I think ya got the cutest butt in country music ... he he

Marty Stuart: Thank you very much!

Comment from CRax-: You're my hero and you will always be my hero thanks for being to inspiring. I love you!

Marty Stuart: I love you too.

Comment from _Purple51: I have seen you a lot. I made you a flag throw and took it to you at Fan Fair.

Marty Stuart: Right. I still have it and salute it occasionally. (Wink)

host-Cid: Heh he he!

Question from bros9: Hi Marty ... when will you and Travis team up again?

Marty Stuart: There is always that possibility.

host-Cid: Marty, thank you very much for taking the time!

Marty Stuart: You're welcome.

host-Cid: It's been a pleasure talking with you. Anything you want to leave your legions of fans with?

Marty Stuart: Be careful who you love in the nighttime.

host-Cid: Thanks again, I hope to see you at the Troubadour! Take care!

Marty Stuart: Thank you, man. Come on by.

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