Obion County Fall Fest, Union City, TN on September 25, 2004

I arrived at the Union City, Tennessee Fairgrounds about 1:45 p.m. Shortly after I arrived, Marty's bus arrived, and I happened to walk by it! A beautiful blue bus with some pretty gold designs.

I walked around for a bit, looking at some old cars. Then I walked back over to where the concert would be. I sat on the bleachers for a while while they set up the equipment. I ran in to Karen, not sure what her last name is, but I have seen her at a lot of Marty shows. We talked for a while. Then Ted Blake and his son Paul arrived. Paul has sure grown. He is 16 now, and he helped set up the equipment. (Later on he was given a pass sticker to be backstage.)

Jeannine Casey and her husband and friend Karen and her husband arrived. Shortly after that, one of the festival managers came and said that Marty would come out to do soundcheck, so we had to leave the bleacher area. We got to stand behind the bus and stage and listen to soundcheck. When Marty came off the bus he waved at all of us. It took about an hour, I suppose. Paul got to do soundcheck too.

I ran into a lady I used to work with and two of her friends, and they had an extra lawn chair to sit closer as some did, so she let me use it. I thought that was great. That lady knows I am an avid Marty fan!

Steven Whitson opened for Marty. He was great. I enjoyed his music lots. He did put on a great show. Before the show, I wondered if it the bleachers would fill up, and sure enough, they did! Cindy Allred and Lisa arrived. I got to talk to her before the show.

Then after Steven's concert, it was time for Marty. Jim came on and announced some things, and did the countdown for Marty! The guys wore black suits, and Marty had on his black leather pants, jacket, and the purple scarf around his neck! Wow, he looked fabulous.

He opened with "Back To The Country." I don't remember all the songs in order, but somewhere in between, Marty did two new ones. He also did the "Luther Played The Boogie Woogie" for Luther Perkins and Kenny Vaughan. Kenny sung later, the song "Country Music's Got A Hold of Me." Brian Glenn sang a slow love song, and Harry did a song too after Marty and the guys did a gospel song.

Marty cut up with the audience and asked what they wanted to hear, and one guy who was sitting next to me yelled "Hillbilly Rock," so that was the closing song. They let us go to the stage, and we yelled for more Marty, and he came out for the encore and did "Draggin' The Line." I was right at the stage. Paul and his dad let me stand in between them. Marty threw a guitar pick for me, but I let Paul have it since I already have two and some pick earrings that I wore that night.

After that I lined up for the meet and greet at the merchandise table. I was in line behind some guy who had never met Marty and in front of a lady who hadn't neither. When it was my turn, that guy looked around and heard Marty say "Hi Evelyn," and sign a new pic I had bought of him, the band and Jim. I gave Marty a birthday gift in a little bag, and he let me hug him and kiss him on the cheek!

The guy said, "He knows your name." So did the lady behind me! " How did you manage that?" I said, "I dunno, just going to see Marty lots, and getting to talk to him at the shows, I guess."

I got to talk to Brian, Harry, and Kenny too! They are so sweet!

Another great concert as always!!!!!

Review by Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY

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