Exposition Center, Tulsa, OK on April 5, 2003

Well, here it was April 5, 2003 and our Marty Party had started.

After meeting up with Beverly, I decided to take her by Toby Keith's house where there were alot of "ooos" and "aaahhs." A thought had crossed our minds about stealing his newspaper, but we thought we might get chased down for there was someone out on the grounds that morning.

We met the rest of our party at McDonalds. It was such a delight to meet up with Darlene. It just seemed like the party was almost complete. All we needed now was Marty.

As we traveled up I-35 we laughed and talked and as Jarred put it "Mom that white car is still following us." LOL, it was a good time. Up until I saw the Farm Fresh cows. I thought they were real and they were not. I was too busy driving to realize they were fake and that was a good laugh. My blonde had shown again.

Then around noon we made it to Tulsa. We were on the look out for any sign of Marty. We found it all right. We all pointed and said, "ooohh, ooohh, look his name in lights." Bev pulled out her camera, then all at once, a big what? I can't believe it, they spelled his name wrong. It was more then we could bear. We prayed he didn't turn around and go back home.

After finding this place, we had to stop and ask security if this is where the concert was going to be, he said "Yes, but you might want to come back later" LOL, you think? We all got a big laugh but of course we are die-hard fans and we wanted to make sure we got there in time to get good seats, even if it meant waiting all day.

We ate lunch then went to Target to kill some more time. Kaitlyn got a light thing that turns around and some film. As I was checking out this lady asked me "Who is that on your shirt?" I said Marty Stuart, She said "Oh yea he's country, I thought it was Davy Jones from the Monkees. I thought he was making a comeback." LOL it was quite funny but NO! He's not Davy Jones.

Four p.m. arrived and we thought we might want to start scoping things out so we got a spot right up front. About 30 minutes later, here comes Darlene. We yelled, hooped and hollered for we were ready. We all started lining up around 6 and, after finally getting to the right door, we saw a few people but I knew we could take'm.

The doors finally opened and it was a run to the front row. Don't ask me how but I outran some young girls and passed a few older ones to get some front row center seats and Darlene was right behind us. So the crew was together.

We saw a few familiar faces from Alabama, laughed and talked to Cindy and Lisa a while then the lights went out. It was time.

Baillie and the Boys opened and their daughter is going to go somewhere. She has a wonderful voice and very pretty.

After they finished up, the crew came out and set up for Marty. The lights went out and the guy announced the Super laxatives? I turned around to Darlene and asked her if I heard that right? She said "yep."

Marty came out with that darn fuchsia scarf. He really loves that thing. The place was rocking. The guys sounded great and the more I listen to them the more I agree that they are really good at what they do.

"Long Black Veil" was great, when Kenny played the guitar it was so cool. It sounded like wind. Soon "Hillbilly Rock" came and I knew it was almost over, Kaitlyn was so excited by this point for she had waited all night to hear her favorite song. She clapped and lit up like a light bulb. After coming back onstage the fight was on for the towel and at least one Martypal got it.

When it was done, we all got to go backstage, and laughed at the ones who thought their cute looks would get them backstage but, NOPE, no card, no pass back there. Marty came out in black pants and black leather jacket. He looked rested and really good. After hugs and getting to chat with him it was time to go. None of us wanted to leave, we stayed and chatted more with Cindy and Lisa then we finally had to tear ourselves away for it was over.

I must say Marty looked well and I can't wait until his album comes out.

Review by Serena Williams, Noble, OK

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