Troubadour - West Hollywood, CA on August 3, 1999

I arrived at my hotel to check in about 1 p.m. and, while at the front desk, was scared to death by a certain guitar player. We talked for a few minutes. He said he would see me over at the venue. So, I went to the restaurant to wait for Deanna to get there. When she got there we hung out till we could check in and then got ready for the show.

We headed over to the venue only to find that there in the front was parked the bus. The place is a hole in the wall honky tonk. The total seating capacity if 147!!!! It is great. We got to see some friends of ours from Sparks who came down to surprise us and as we were standing outside talking to then, we had a guest visitor join us. None other than Marty, stopping on his way in for sound check to say "HEY". Then Sherry W. and Leah got there. We visited a little and then we went in to get our seats......but we found out it was standing room only!! So we just had to stand in the front, I mean come on, are we crazy?? It finally filled up right before show time, but there were still only about 100 people on the floor. The whole top area was full of VIP's since of course we WERE in L.A. The show was as follows:

High on a Mountain Top
Doin' My Time
Blue Train
Ready for the Country- very rockin' version!!
Dark as a Dungeon
Pleasure & Pain
Red Red Wine
Hobo's Prayer
Flat Pick with Brad
Rocketship- (we were boogin' to this one)
Draggin Around These Chains of Love
Hillbilly Rock

Buckaroo Instrumental
Western Girls-(Thank you very much)

It was a wonderful show as usual. We had the great opportunity to be close enough to the stage to hear every detail of the show. There is nothing like being right on top of it while Marty and the guys pick not a foot away from you. We got the usual winks and such from Marty, Steve and Brad. We were doing our little dances and such. If they are ever there again I will be there!!! After the show we said our goodbyes to our friends John and Linda and then to Sherry and Leah. There was no meet & greet since there were so many VIPs there. We were bummed but we had seen him before the show, so we weren't too upset. While we headed back to the hotel to eat, and then we went to get a drink in the bar. And who do we run into coming out of the lobby??? You got it, Marty again.....he was hysterical trying to "open" with his key. He stopped to talk for a few minutes and then we went on our way. So, off to bed we went.

The next morning we went down for the breakfast buffet, we had a leisurely breakfast chatting and catching up while sitting on the patio. Deanna came back from making a phone call and who was right behind her?? You got it, Mr. Man himself. He waved and went in to eat. Next thing we knew he came out the door, stopped and waved again, then he started walking toward our table. We ended up having a great visit and he tried to convince us to call in sick to work to go to Vegas. We laughed and said "been there done that, but our jobs know where we are". He thanked us once again as he was leaving and said he appreciated all we did. Then he was off, and we saw the bus pull out about 10 minutes later.

Every time I see Marty, I am amazed both musically and personally. He puts his heart and soul into his shows and never ceases to be the perfect gentleman. He did not by any stretch of the imagination have to take the time either at the show or at the hotel to stop and talk to us, but he does every time we see him. I for one am very grateful and when people ask me why I have been traveling to see him for 9 years, I remember times like this.

Well, I hope this gives you a good overview of a very special trip.

Review by Heather Rusché, Tracy, CA

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