Trempealeau Hotel - Trempealeau, WI on August 20, 1999

Friday night was our night to see Marty at the Trempealeau Hotel in good ole Trempealeau, WI. May I start off by telling you that this is not the place to go if you really want to enjoy the concert. The opening act started at 7:00 p.m. so imagine how drunk people were when Marty came on at 9:30!! UGH!! The lawn was full when we got there as we arrived later than I wanted....but we managed pretty good seats on the left side of the stage! We bought the new photo of Marty in the purple still my heart, the key chain of him in the white shirt and Jordan wanted the picture from the Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best album cover.

They had an opening act and I have heard them before...they are actually quite good. They also
had a contest on one of the local radio stations last week on what you'd do to meet Marty Stuart. The winner was 8-1/2 months pregnant and she painted a smiley face on her tummy and showed the crowd. I don't think she stuck around to meet him I saw her later on and she told the DJ she was heading home.

Marty and the boys started their show at 9:30 p.m. Now we were sitting in our lawn chair but realized that the people were all headed up by the stage. I didn't like that but, in order for Jordan to see Marty, I took him up there for about 1/2 the show. Marty was wearing his black jeans, black
shirt with laced-up front, and his black jacket with pink stitching. They really sounded good and I'm not sure I have heard them sound better. His voice was really in good shape!! They started with "High On A Mountain Top," then went into "The Whiskey Ain't Workin'," then they played "Little Things." Marty said he was glad for the young crowd because they had played for the "old people" the last few shows and he needed some response from the crowd!! It was really hot up front and the people were really obnoxiously drunk on top of it. I had to hold Jordan up for him to see because you know they won't let you up
any closer and people are shoving....are you getting the picture!?

Marty then talked about Johnny Cash a little and played "Blue Train" (one of my favorites). He commented on the trains that were going right by the hotel there. Then he sang "Tempted" and "Are You Ready For The Country" (I think? Jordan was helping me... I'm not sure but Jordan was telling me the songs faster than I could right them down). By this time I decided we really needed to go back to Mitch and our lawn chairs as I couldn't take it no more! Marty had to take his jacket off as he was sweating so bad. It wasn't hot outside, but I'm sure under those lights and with that crowd right next to the stage, he got warm!

Then he brought out the beloved mandolin and played "Dark as a Dungeon." This song was not a big hit as people really started talking during this. I knew then that he probably wouldn't be playing anymore ballads that evening and he didn't. Bummed me out. He then started "Touch Me, Turn Me On and Burn Me Down".....then went into introducing the band instead. When he introduced himself he said, "I'm Marty Stuart and I'm from Madison, WI.".......oh I wish!! I don't remember if they ever did finish "Burn Me Down"

He then talked about his new album and told us to buy two copies (done that!!) and if you don't like it, send it to Travis for your refund!! He said he would play three songs off the album, but he only played two....believe me Jordan was counting!! He played "Sometimes The Pleasures Worth the Pain" and "Red, Red Wine and Cheatin Songs." I really wanted to hear "The Pilgrim" but I'm sure he knew that would go over like a lead balloon with that crowd!! He then talked about Pat Katz and pointed her out at the front of the stage and said how she had always believed in him. He said, "Can you believe my fan club was started in Wisconsin?" Oh, yes I can!! He then played "Ring of Fire" for her. Marty and Brad did an instrumental, then they sang "Now That's Country" and ended with "Hillbilly Rock." His encores were "Hey Baby" and "Western Girls." May I say that I honestly don't know when his voice has been in better form. I was a little concerned at this stage of touring it wouldn't be there...but he was on Friday night!! Rocked my world he did!!!!

We were told to line up over by the bus for the meet and greet. He was wearing a white shirt with his jeans for the meet and greet. I will never understand how he can sweat as bad as he does and you don't smell it on him!! He is the man!! We ended standing next to the ladies we stood by in February when Marty played at the Wisconsin Dells. They of course remembered Jordan and that he had sung with Marty at the Fan Club Party. They were really nice and I think "what are the odds of them being directly behind us again?" Jordan had drawn Marty a picture of his guitar from the cover of the hit pack and placed a cacti, horseshoe, pistol, and Marty Party in the corners. On the front he had to write "To Marty Stuart From Jordan Ollhoff." Jordan asked if he could put one of his own little pictures in it too so Marty would remember him. So we added that too.

When we got up to Marty, Jordan started to say, "Do you remem......" and Marty says "Hi Jordan." Jordan says, "You do remember me!" He says, "Of course. You sang with me." Okay ladies you know the man has my heart for life now as he fusses over my boy!! Hee Hee!! He shakes Jordan's hand and then Jordan says, "I want a hug," so that's what he gets! Now when Marty had been receiving gifts he was handing them to the local security guy.....but when Jordan said, "I have something for you," he shows Marty the drawing. Marty makes a big fuss and says what a nice job he did. Then he says, "Jordan, I will hang that in my bus buddy!!" Marty opens up those doors, climbs aboard and places that picture on his bus!! Be still my know I'm jello at this point!!

When he comes out, he signs Jordan's things. Jordan had on his Onelist shirt and both Marty and Connie had signed it at the fan club party. Marty says, "Jordan, you been hanging out with my wife?" Jordan says, "Yeah, I got my picture taken with her and your Mom too." Marty says, "Yeah, she's a nice ole gal isn't he....kind of pretty too huh Jordan?" Jordan says, "Yes, she is." Jordan then asks him if he is going to do anymore Marty Party's for TNN and Marty tells him how they are changing everything over there, but he'd love to do another special. Can I say my son talks to him as if he sees him everyday? Not the least bit afraid or nervous around Marty. l wish I could say the same for me!

I gave Marty a hug and thanked him for a great show. Asked him to sign my poster from Cheekwood and the Trempealeau Hotel which he did. Told him how much we had enjoyed his photo exhibit and he said, "Thank you. And the book is coming out in September." He wanted to know if we were going to get to see him again this year and I said, "Well, you're in Madison in October and we plan to be there." He said, "Well all right." I said, "This is the most you've ever played in the area and that could be four times for us to see you not counting the fan club party...record Marty year!!!" He shook Mitch's hand and thanked him for coming along with me and Jordan. We had to say "good-bye." I shook Mike's hand and thanked him for all his work and for taking care of everyone. Then we headed home with Marty playing all the way!!

It was a wonderful evening despite the obnoxious people. I am truly amazed at how genuine a man he is. It touches my heart deeply that he has remembered Jordan and is so kind to him. Jordan's eyes shine so bright when he talks to him. Jordan isn't the least bit shy around him (or anyone for that matter!!!!) and he talks to Marty as if he sees him everyday. I think that says a lot about Marty. I know there are "Stars" out there outselling him, but there is no one kinder, I truly believe. He has a very special place in my heart and always will. I hope I have bottled some of his kindness for a rainy day! I hope you enjoy this! I know I enjoyed being there, and we all know it goes way too fast!! When we go in October it will be our 5th time this year....a RECORD MARTY YEAR!!! I told him he should do that every year!!

Review by Reneé Ollhoff, Alma Center, WI

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