Trempealeau Hotel - Trempealeau, WI on August 20, 1999

We went on down to Trempealeau, Wisconsin the next night for an outdoor show. We had our chairs in the front row but, because of a "dance floor," we all stood right by the stage with everyone crowding in all around. That show was a lot more fun for Marty and the group as the crowd was wild. Marty loved it.

The highlight of my night was when Marty talked about his days in Johnny Cash's band. He said, "There was a lady who came (with her husband) to every show they could. She was (still is!) a BIG Johnny Cash fan and she and I became friends way back then. When I wanted to do my own show, she encouraged me all the way and never lost faith in me. In fact, she started my Fan Club! Yes, folks, my Fan Club was started right here in Wisconsin! Let's hear it for my Co-President of my Fan Club, Pat Katz. This is for you, Aunt Pat" and he sang "Ring of Fire."

(The "Aunt Pat" is because I "adopted" Marty as my nephew way back in the 1980's when he married Cindy Cash. You see, I had already "adopted" Johnny Cash as my "big brother," making Cindy my "niece" and Marty my "nephew." Yes, folks! I'm just as happy as if I were in my right mind. Crazy? Yes, But, oh, the fun I have had at Cash and Stuart shows!)

The show also ended way too soon, but Marty was exhausted after the past several night's shows and long traveling days. And they were headed for North Dakota! So, Marty, go to sleep. We all love you! Can't wait for the next show.

Review and photos by Pat Katz, St. Croix Falls, WI
Former Co-President of the Marty Stuart Fan Club

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