Tournament of Roses Parade

January 1, 2009 - Marty and Connie rode the RFD-TV float in the 120th Tournament of Roses Parade. The float was a tribute to the American farmer and rancher in a Hee Haw theme. The float, which was the longest in the parade, featured a gigantic, animated and steam-spewing tractor. The 85-foot-long snapshot of down-home activities was highlighted by a 25-foot-tall windmill with spinning blades, an eye-catching rustic barn, and countless examples of the bounty that makes America the "breadbasket" of the world.

All floats in the parade had to be construction of organic materials. The float's natural decorating materials included corn, wheat, soybeans, etc. and over-sized sculptures were placed throughout the float to highlight a harvest of natural products from America's farmers around the country.

The float featured thousands of roses including roses of country music from the Nashville Music Garden are featured including the named roses for Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Little Jimmy Dickens, Amy Grant, Minnie Pearl, and the Grand Ole Opry.

Hee Haw costumed float riders, as well as stars from RFD-TV's equestrian programming rode along side of the float.

Animation on the float included rotating windmill and tractor wheels with a stack putting forth special effects smoke.

Marty and Connie were seen waving to the crowd as Marty's "Hillbilly Rock" played in the background.

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