Tarrant County Convention Center - Ft. Worth, TX on October 2, 1999

Well, it started out a nice sunny day and we were on our way to see Marty again for the second time in a week. What more could a person ask for. We arrived and scoped out the place. We decided to sit at the middle tables and slowly moved our way up to the front of the table by the time the belly dancers were finished. Some had more belly than dance, sorry but I am not skinny and I have to give credit to those women who were up there dancing and a lot bigger than me.

As Bev and I waited, I decided to walk around. When I came back I saw two women talking to Bev and then again I got to meet two more Onelisters Cindy Allred and her friend Lisa. They were so bubbly like me and Bev, it was scary. I think Jarred knew he was in trouble. We all waited patiently. Then I decided to walk around some more and, when I got back, Bev and Cindy were talking to Gary and Brad. I ran over there with Lisa and the police officer just kinda looked scared, I guess we have that affect on people. We all got hugs and boy did they smell good. We talked to them some more and then returned to our seats, This felt so good because by this time people where really looking at us since we were all decked out in Marty stuff and them seeing us talk to members of the band made them wonder. We saw Jodee and chatted with her and she told us about her family being there and I told her I saw them, they were the only other people I saw with Marty attire on.

Then the concert started. They said Marty liked for people to dance so we all went up to the front after he started singing "Brown Eyed Handsome Man." Cindy and I were dancing and snapping away. We realized that they weren't going to make us move so we stayed. Marty was funny and saw us there in front and really played up to us. As he played songs from The Pilgrim, I looked over and noticed Steve in this serious pose. I started making faces at him and trying to get him to smile. Finally Bev said, "Blow him a kiss and see if he cracks." She said he was staring at me for a while and then laughed at me. So when the chance came I did it! I blew him a kiss and what a grin. It was so funny. He made this face and stuck out his tongue, which I caught on film. I guess he was staring at us crazy Marty fans having a good time.

When Marty came back for the encore, he wiped his face and neck then threw the towel out and it floated right over my head. I jumped up and CAUGHT THE TOWEL! I couldn't believe it. I guess all those years in basketball paid off. I was wondering why a hand didn't come across my face and fight me for it. I turned around and Bev had her back to me. She had missed my famous leap off the ground. I got her attention and she called me a "dog." She couldn't believe I had caught it. I let her touch the towel and it was still wet from his sweat. She tried to get me to cut it in half but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

After the concert, We went backstage and Mike announce that Marty wasn't feeling well and had a sinus infection. He still played like a champ. Bev and I had made a card for him and he read it and laughed. Then when I got up to get my hug and get my towel signed, he grabbed the Reese's out of my hands. I told him to go easy on those and he said "I need these, I am going to get a lard butt." We laughed and then I asked him what he meant on my shirt last week. He said it is an old bluegrass song. He signed all my stuff and said "thank you" then I was off and told him I hope to see him soon.

This was the best concert I have ever been too. I was in front, got hugs from two other members of the band plus Marty and flirted with Steve. What a fun fun night.

I wish I could have brought all of my Onelisters with me.

Review by Serena Williams, Noble, OK

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