Schutzenhaus Albisguetli - Zurich, Switzerland on March 20 and 21, 2001

On stage are the backing band, Brad Davis on guitar, Steve Arnold on bass and Gregg Stocki on drums. After the introduction, Marty came on stage and opened both nights with Steve Earle's "Hillbilly Highway". I was very surprised about that. On the first night, he continued with "Hey Baby" and played also on the first set "Tempted", "Red, Red Wine and Cheatin' Songs", "The Whiskey Ain't Working", "Blue Train" and close it with "Burn Me Down". In the second set, he performed "Country Girls", "The Long Black Veil", "Mirrors Don't Lie", "Train of Love", "Little Things" and closed the show with "Hillbilly Rock".

On the second night, he didn't play the same set. He replaced "Hey Baby" with "Well All Right" and put also "Rocket Ship" and "Western Girls" with a special refrain to "Switzerland girls". On this night he had some problems with his voice. He said, "I woke up this morning and I couldn't talk!" but he gave his best.

When I saw the group as a quartet, I couldn't believe that they sound so good like on the CD, but the group do the best. Brad Davis had played a superb guitar style to Marty's great guitar work, who's been sound compact and full! There was a great spontaneity on stage and I think Marty had a lot of fun. Brad and Marty had played a medley of "Soldier's Joy" and "Black Mountain Rag" on two acoustic guitars. Marty ask the crowd about some requests and played them if possible. The ambiance was very familiar, cause the crowd can stand near in front of the stage. I ask myself, why doesn't there exist a live CD of Marty's performance? A lot of songs had through the style of instrumentation, performance and spontaneity, more powerful then the studio versions.

I hope Marty will return to Switzerland or I have the chance to see him at my next USA trip.


Review and photos by Stefan Blaser

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