Station Inn - Nashville, Tennessee on July 18, 1997

wHITEwATER held their album release party at the Station Inn on Friday, July 18. Mike Copelin, (their manager and) road manager extraordinaire, was at the door. It's always wonderful seeing Mike. He's so nice and does such a great job for Marty.

The club itself is very small and intimate. By showtime, the place was standing room only. Marty came on stage to introduce the band. He said he hoped there weren't any big record executives there to sign the group because it would mess up his band. He promoted the "No Gold on the Highway" album, told a bluegrass story, and introduced the band.

wHITEwATER's members are Brad Davis on acoustic guitar (he's also Marty's lead guitarist), Brad's brother Greg on banjo, and Randy Childers (he's Marty's guitar tech) on bass. Joining them on stage was 17-year old Jason Rowler who played fiddle and mandolin (extremely well, I might add).

Marty, Greg Davis, Brad Davis, and Randy Childers

They performed several songs before Brad brought Marty back on stage to perform with them. Marty (who sat at the table next to us) went up on stage and had a wallet with him. He announced it had been left in the restroom and read the name off the driver's license. A lady went up and retrieved it. Brad wanted to know what Marty was doing in the ladies' restoroom. (Maybe she was in the mens'?)

Marty played mandolin on a few songs with the band. Brad said they were going to play "Marty Stuart Visits The Moon" and told about the time he'd just rejoined the band and they were appearing on Prime Time Country and Marty said they were going to perform the song on the show. The song has some pretty heavy guitar licks in it and Brad had to learn that song--quickly. Marty said Brad got through it okay. Brad is a phenomenal guitar player.

The final song and highlight of Marty's set with the band was performing "Oh, What A Silent Night." Marty sang it in such a wistful voice. White Water continued their set of wonderful music. They took a break and came back with a short second set, continuing to perform songs off their album.

These guys are so talented! It was nice seeing Randy playing guitar and singing background vocals which is different from his usual element as Marty's guitar tech.

The Station Inn is about the only club in Nashville featuring bluegrass music nightly. Next time you visit Nashville, check the place out.

Review by Sherry Mattioli
Photos by Mario Mattioli

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