John Ascuaga's Nugget - Sparks, NV on October 10, 11 and 12, 1998

Day 2 Sunday..... Beautiful bright sunny day. Decided to go for a ride up to Lake Tahoe. the lake was beautiful and snow... yes snow capped the mountains. Spent the biggest part of the day there. Got back in plenty time to do another Marty Money run. Decided I had a chunk of change to spare so...... I dropped 3 coins in a $5 slot.... nothing...3 more...nothing...3 more... whistles and bells!!! $300 more to the Marty fund! Well this was just the berries sooooo.... 3 more and yes my fellow Martyacs, more whistles and bells, $150 well I'm not one to pass up a good thing so....3 more and it hit again for $150!! So here I am $600 ahead in just 5 pulls so.... my mom didn't raise a total idiot I QUIT!!! I took my Marty money and went to get in line for Sunday night's show.

I met Heather and Dee at the blackjack table, Leah and Deanna went home that afternoon, so our group was now down to three. Now keep in mind this is the show that the Burger King convention bought out and we were supposed to sit in the balcony. I knew that Marty money was gonna come in handy.... slipped the maitre'd a little grease and yes my friends we were right back at table 61!

Now this convention group was a little rowdy right from the get go, and of course the ones behind us were the worst. The show started promptly at 8. Once again we covered our drinks; no elephant goobers for us. This time ole Bertha leaned really close and I'm thinking "please don't fall on me until I see Marty one more time!" The comedian did his same routine and then it's time for our man.

This time the guys were all in black and Marty wore washed-out jeans with a rip about mid-thigh and white shirt with ruffles at the sleeves and up the lapels with black buttons, a black vest with red roses, a baby blue jacket with red inlays. He looked way too fine.

He opened with "Doin' My Time" and told how much he loves Johnny Cash and hoped we all did too. He said "We've been out here since 1967 and we've got how many days left?" [he looked at Gary who said 3 ] and Marty said "Oh what do you know, you've been at Mustang ranch all day!" [that's the local bordello]. He then said when they got home they were going to rest a few days and then go to work on the new album. He told us his producer Tony Brown had flown out that day and they had rehearsed the album from 3 to 6 that afternoon.

He went on to do "Southern Accent," "Reasons," "Tempted," and "The Whiskey Ain't Workin." His voice was a lot worse and he used a lot of spray and drank tea and water. When he did "This One's Gonna Hurt You," everyone sang along. He said, "You guys better stick to gamblin' 'cause ya can't sing!' Then he took his spray and squirted the crowd. Now the table behind us was really gettin loud and hollerin' stuff so Marty just looked at em and said "Are we botherin' you?" Way to go Marty! That shut em up!

Then he did "Red Red Wine and Cheatin' Songs" and "Hillbilly Rock," thanked us for coming, said he'd see us tomorrow night came over in front of us and bowed and left. The crowd was having none of that so he came back and said his voice was really bothering him so... he'd just pick! He did "Can't Help Falling In Love", and he and Brad had a bluegrass pickin' contest that was out of this world!!!! TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! Then Gary did Last Date, beautifully!!! Marty ended with "Hey Baby." There was no M/G so I was really lucky on Sat night.

We went and got something to eat again. Tonight it was just us. Brad did walk by and say Hi. That was pretty much it!

Now I do have a post script from Day 1. Marty also signed my "Tribute To Tradition" CD and asked me how I liked it. I told him we all loved it and that the radio stations were starting to play it here. He said "Great keep after 'em!" I told him we would. On the way up to our room I noticed the elevator had a digital message board with "Appearing Nightly Oct. 8-14 in The Celebrity Showroom......MARTY STUART!!!!!" in bright green. I had a big ole grin, Everywhere you looked there he was, It just don't get much better then this!!!

Stay tuned Tomorrow Day 3!!

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