Here's what the fans are saying about Soul's Chapel

"Has all the elements, gospel ,country blues,and a lot of soul,along with excellent vocal arrangements and the harmonys.Only thing missing for a true Marty fan is the mandolin, that said though fantastic from start to finish." -- BobbyVan (White Salmon, WA)

"This album is a wonder, the kind of music that can make a difference in someone's life. Thank you Marty, now Let's all get to Church!" -- Jimmie ThunderLizard (Edwardsville, IL)

"I love this CD. It lifts your spirits and brings you to your feet shouting and singing the words along with the songs." -- folkartist1950 (Arkansas)

"I love this CD. This the the first time I heard them and I can`t stop playing it. My favorite is There's A Rainbow At The End of Every Storm.' I lost my mom 6 months ago and this song hits my heart. Just wonderful." -- kebw60 (OldBridge, NJ)

"Great gospel sang blues, R&B, rockabilly, country and all Marty." -- Ivan (Evansville, IN)

"This soon will be a great album by Marty. Lets him be versatile to music, playing bluegrass, country, hillbilly rock, and now soul, blues which what gospel music is made from.. I will listen to this for years to come....".-- radfordjohn2000 (Murphy, NC

"Marty Stuart's new album -- the first on his own label -- is an audacious blend of gospel songs, earthy grooves, and gorgeous vocal harmony the four-time Grammy winner calls "church-house rock and roll." Featuring twin twangy guitars (played by Stuart and the vibey Kenny Vaughan) panned wide in the mix over a rhythm section of bare-bones bass, clickity-clack drums, and subliminal organ, Souls' Chapel has a rollicking, funky feel. That's not surprising: The songs were recorded live at Stuart's house with no baffles, endless overdubs, or neurotic Pro Tools tweaking. Soaked in amp tremolo and spring reverb, the intertwining guitars form the pillars of each song. The instrumental 'Souls' Chapel' -- with its throbbing, palm-muted arpeggios, Memphis sliding sixths, burly low-string riffs, double-stop bends, and Curtis Mayfield-inspired hammers -- is a standout. Despite the album's religious lyrics, you needn't be a believer to grasp the 6-string magic oozing from every cut." -- twangmom (Nashville, TN)

"This is an amazing CD! I bought one for me and one for a gift. Very soulful." -- Puma

"A great God centered collection by the shining stars of country music. This is the first religious CD I have ever purchased and I'm very pleased." -- David M. Vanhooser

"This is easily one of the best albums of 2005 and, in my opinion, the greatest of Marty's Career. Even if you're not a fan of gospel music there is enough tone, taste, harmony, and all around superb musicianship here to keep this in heavy rotation. If you get a chance go see Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives live as they will rock and revive you both all in spectacular Superlatone! Thank God for Marty!" -- Travis B. Hill (Little Rock, AR)

"Marty Stuart is just brilliant. This CD is very moving. 'The Unseen Hand' is chilling. Thank you Marty!"-- T. Brown (Arkansas)

"It's got it all cool tele's and Gretsch guitars,amazing harmonies, Great production and very very good songs and if you listen to the words the key to Eternal life JESUS!!!!!" -- W. Marshall "Funnybones"

"I find this record very interesting. All the lyrics and songs are nothing but joy. This is Marty Stuart doing what he can do best -- giving us a belief in life. Thanks for a great gift." -- Kolla Jons (Iceland)

"This may not be the case with other listeners, but I've always preferred my gospel music with a heavy dose of acoustic instrumentation. This CD definitely changed all that. Marty is undoubtedly one of the premier mandolin players in country music but there ain't a drop of mando on this album. Instead it's very tastefully picked Telecasters backed by the big Hammond B-3. All this supporting some of the best harmonys to be released by a country artist in a long time.

For a long time that Marty Stuart has been an underappreciated force in American music and it's great to see him ignore this and continue to release material that is true to his heart and his influences. This CD may even surpass his Pilgrim release of a few years ago.

Marty, thanks for the insight into your heart and being. You are definitely one of the greats." -- Jim Kelly

"This has to be equal, maybe even superior, to any recording Marty Stuart has ever done. His last album, Country Music, was uneven, its high points stellar, but too often marred by inferior material. Here the material is excellent, but it's Marty's soulful singing -- has ever he sung better? -- that draws the listener into these stirring songs of the spirit. On the first cut, "Somebody Saved Me," Stuart puts forth a song written by the late African-American gospel legend Roebuck "Pops" Staples; not just that, he's playing Staples's guitar. Daughter Mavis Staples, a gospel luminary in her own right, shows up elsewhere. Make no mistake about it: in this company, you're walking with the Lord up the highest mountain.

Maybe the best thing to happen to Stuart was getting away from major-label craziness and putting his whole focus on the music. With Marty free at last, let us hope we're in for -- if Souls' Chapel is any indication (and how can it not be?) -- the for-the-ages American music Marty Stuart has always had in him." -- Jerome Clark

"As an artist, Marty Stuart has no peers. Once again he has done something no one else would have the vision, talent and mileage to pull off. Just to hear Marty & Kenny Vaughn play guitar on this make it a landmark recording. The whole project is remarkable. I anxiously await the next two planned releases. This is the best disc I've heard all year." -- Mustang

"Marty Stuart went back to Mississippi to return to his roots and I believe to heal, physically and spiritually. Three cd's will be issued which are a result of this trip, I read somewhere. Souls' Chapel is the first. The previous Amazon reviews tell why this cd is excellent.

I saw Marty perform, yesterday, on the Grand Old Opry and he performed two of the songs from this album. The instruments and vocals soared but it was the feeling, the spirit from the stage that blew the crowd away and caused us to rise to our feet. I think standing ovations have become pat and usually meet nothing except the crowds bums are soar, but this one was heartfelt and was not "pre programed in the music." If you don't know what that means watch the reactions to music on "American Idol."

Marty looks and sounds great. I am glad Marty's Mississippi retreat was a blessing." -- John Gregorio

"Do you remember the first time a DJ played a Staples Singers record on the radio and you thought what great music that is and later realized it was not soul music but gospel? This CD has the same wonderful music. The harmonizing is magnificent. The people who worked on this record obviously love this music and had fun recording it. They cover a couple of Staples songs, a soul gospel written by Steve Cropper and William Bell, some old time gospel and some rocking gospel. In other words, it is American music. If you want to hear something rare in these days and times, heartfelt music that is sung and played by people who care for their music, this is a record for you." -- John B. Carlson (Nashville, TN)

"Marty Stuart - perennial just to the left of middle of the road country singer (and secret hot dog guitar and mandolin slinger) has come out of left field with a searing, graceful gospel record. This is one for the books. Congratulations, Marty Stuart." -- Sam Hammond

"Wonderful, clear vocals and great music. This record has a lot of heart and soul, you can hear it in every note. What sets this record apart is the great instrumental work. Marty Stuart and Kenny Vaughan are simply master musicians. I could just sit and listen to the guitar work. 'I Can't Even Walk (Without You Holding My Hand)' is spellbinding. 'Souls' Chapel' is perfection. Great country gospel." -- Virginia J. Pierce

"I love this gospel album. Marty and his band have the best harmony i have ever heard on this album. They definitely need to do more gospel." -- Fan from Houston, TX

"Darn fine work, indeed. Probably the greatest voice in country music at the moment also happens to be a remarkable talent at spreading the word of the lord. It could be called a concept album, and as such, is better than Marty's other recent concept album called Badlands. It works better, it sounds better, it feels better than Badlands...and Badlands was a pretty good effort. If you like Marty...if you like old Gospel songs...if you like Elvis Gospel songs...or Johnny Cash Gospel'll like Souls' Chapel." -- Chris Hearn

"Until this year, I didn’t even own a Marty Stuart disc. I liked his work, but I just never got inspired to shell out any cash-ola for it. Something about Souls’ Chapel, Stuart’s first gospel album, convinced me to spend. Am I ever glad I did. It has all the twang of Saturday night coupled with four-part harmonies and material suited for Sunday morning. "The Gospel Story of Noah’s Ark" is a Cash-like story song, and the influence of the Staple Singers – including covers of "Somebody Saved Me" and "Move Along Train" and an guest appearance by Mavis Staples – is all over the disc. If you’re going to wear your influences on your sleeve, there’s no reason to wear those two any way but proudly. "Way Down" -- by appropriating the riff from "Baby Please Don’t Go," Stuart encapsulates his successful melding of the sacred and the profane on "Souls’ Chapel." You might be moved to pray or you might be moved to dance. Maybe it will be both. But you will be moved." -- Crackity Jones

"Marty Stuart is great at fusing bluegrass, country, and soul, and even if you don't subscribe to any particular religious creed, this album still sounds great." -- from a blog entry

"Though I’m not a big one for “Jesus Music” – another thing the right wing has destroyed for the rest of us, there’s something affecting when you hear sincere, loving praise. Stuart, a country (and alt-country) stalwart for ages, doesn’t appear to be." -- from a blog entry

"Old-school gospel from one of my least-favorite country singers. Who'd've thunk, but it's such a great album. The best track is 'Lord, Give Me Just A Little More Time'." -- from a blog entry

"No church should be without his Souls’ Chapel all-gospel album. -- Tom Weiss

"After being lucky enough to hear Marty sing a couple of these songs live........I had to have this. When he opened his set with "Somebody Saved Me," it was mesmerizing. We knew we were hearing something extraordinary. The CD does not disappoint. WOW" -- Debbie

"This is a new side of Marty and displays the essence of his spiritual and musical integrity. The harmony is flawless. The instrumentation and arrangement set a high standard for all who come after. Congratulations, Marty!" -- Cynthia Connolly

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