Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, CA on March 20, 2003

Last night was my Marty Party and what a night it was! I couldn't have gotten better seats if I had begged borrowed or stolen them, but I got them by calling up and getting them on the phone. They were at a table front and center. Steve and I shared a table for four with a couple named Bob and Chris from Anaheim, CA. True Marty fans through and through and really fun people. We exchanged E-mail address and hope to get together again.

It was finally time for Marty to begin. He came out looking fine and sounding even better! The new band is GREAT!!! Marty talked about having to get on a plane at 4:00 a.m. to get to California and had to take his cowboy boots off twice. He said he didn't like having to take his boots off for anyone and he thought we should all just come naked to the airport from now on. The crowd loved that idea. He pointed out one woman and said, "you go first."

He sang the song that is a gospel one about get down on your knees and pray only he added "Mr. President, get down on your knees and pray...America, get down on your knees and pray..." It was really good. He did a lot of new songs that I really liked. I can't wait to get his new CD when it comes out! The guys in his band sang some songs and they are really good and all to soon the show was ending.

They did do a Meet and Greet. Steve and I went for the meet and greet and there wasn't a lot of people for that. I was about third in line and we didn't have to wait long to see him. He had been wearing black leather pants, black shirt w/white stitching and a black jacket w/ red, white and I think gold stitching. He changed to a black leather jacket and started greeting. He signed a poster that Bob snagged off the wall for me and some CD covers for me. I thanked him for coming back to Southern CA and told him how much I missed him and love him. He told me he loved me too. I said I need a hug. Then he gave me a huge hug and he pressed his cheek against mine and he was still all sweaty from the show! I walked away turned and smiled at Steve and said "I'm never washing my cheek again." He laughed and said, "You love him more than me." I laughed and said, "Only just a little more." Another great Marty Party evening was over all too soon...until the next one.

Review by Patricia Dalton, Laguna Niguel, CA

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