Bluejean Festival - Rising Sun, IN on June 26, 1999

Marty Stuart and the Rock and Roll Cowboys took the Rising Sun stage at 9:20 p.m. and played until 11:00 p.m. They were full of energy, drive, and enthusiasm. You could really tell that the band was having fun and enjoyed the night.

Marty started with an excellent "High On A Mountain Top" backed by an energetic "Doin' My Time." The crowd did an excellent job of singing the chorus to "Whiskey Ain't Workin' " and an outstanding "Blue Train" set the stage for a very popular "Tempted."

The crowd started the evening a little laid back, not knowing what to expect, but by now they were into the show! "We Are The Lonely" was next and the way they were pickin' had the crowd hooked the rest of the night. If you want to hear top-notch-best-in-the-world hillbilly pickin', then you need to look no further than the Rock and Roll Cowboys. Every member was outstanding the whole evening.

Marty then pulled out the mandolin, and after some tuning, played an unbelievable " Oh, What A Silent Night." When Marty walks out in front to play a solo on that mandolin, people just sit there in dazed amazement to how awesome he can make those strings sing. Marty then set the crowd on fire with "Burn Me Down."

It was now time for the new material. Marty talked about The Pilgrim. He stated that "We have a new record out, the first in about three years, and it is ...well, I was about to say it's a good one, but it's a great one." (Sorry Marty, you're still wrong on that is far better than great and a country mile past awesome.)

The Pilgrim set included "Sometimes The Pleasure's Worth The Pain," "Harlan County," "Reasons," "Red, Red Wine And Cheatin' Songs" and "Hobo's Prayer." A+, big hit with the crowd, flat out outstanding!

As matter of fact, after "Red, Red Wine And Cheatin' Songs," one group behind me had never even heard the song and they went crazy. One of the ladies said "Wow, that song is unbelievable!" Which just proves that radio doesn't know a good country song when they hear it.

Marty ended the set with a highly requested "Hillbilly Rock" and the once laid-back crowd came to its feet. Marty and the Rock and Roll Cowboys returned to the stage as a light rain started to fall and ended the night with "Western Girls."

Great show. Lots of fun. Outstanding pickin'. Grade: A

Review by Jeff Small

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