City of Sparta, Tennessee
Office of the Mayor


Whereas, Marty Stuart was only thirteen years old when he moved from his Philadelphia, Mississippi home, where he was known as a musical prodigy, to Tennessee to pursue his love of music; and

Whereas, Marty Stuart was soon hired by Sparta's Lester Flatt to play rhythm guitar and later mandolin in his Nashville Grass Band; and

Whereas, Marty Stuart was an important member of the Nashville Grass Band until the death of Lester Flatt in 1979; and

Whereas, because of his years as a member of the Lester Flatt Nashville Grass Band and his close relationship to Lester and Gladys Flatt during that time, Marty Stuart can forever consider Sparta, Tennessee to be his first Tennessee home;

In recognition and honor of the musical career and contribution of Marty Stuart which will forever place him among the greatest and most significant performers and songwriters in history and in honor of his connection to the people and the City of Sparta, Tennessee, I, Tommy L. Pedigo, by authority of the power vested in me as Mayor of the City of Sparta, Tennessee, do hereby and forever proclaim that North Highland Drive is hereby and forevermore known as


and hereby order that this proclamation is prepared and presented in recognition thereof.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and cause the Seal of the City of Sparta, Tennessee to be affixed.

DONE at the City of Sparta, Tennessee on the 14th day of October 2006.

Tommy L. Pedigo, Mayor

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