Fans Interpret The Pilgrim

Marty's new album has certainly gotten people to "think." Everyone sees the Pilgrim's journey a little differently. Marty's fans share their interpretations with us. Enjoy these rides.

In Rita's Defense (by Lori Weitzell)
The Pilgrim - The Movie (by Elizabeth Stone)
The Pilgrim Review (by Dawn Watson)

IN RITA'S DEFENSE -- By Lori Weitzell

"Higgamus, hogamus woman’s monogamous. Hogamus, higgamus man is polygamous” This is a famous quote many years old, it comes to mind now, but not its author. And it comes to mind because of this story, and how this story's rumblings seem to deny the truth in that quote.

I have a little trouble with blame (maybe we all do). It always seems to get tossed around like a hot potato, nobody wanting to hold on to it too long. But as I read this tale, a voice whispers in my ear, "Something is not right."

My first point begins with a woman, any woman, maybe every woman and a ring she wears to signify her undying love, devotion, and the physical boundary, which ties her to the man she loves. Now I know there are several takes on things when it comes to wedding rings, but this story is the one I have to offer, in defense of poor Rita.

Most women are proud to wear a ring, many wait much of their life just hoping to have one to wear. Some you might have to cut off their arm just to get it from them. But with that ring there comes an invisible connection to another ring, one which is also meant to represent undying love and, to the one who wears it, it shows his vows to physical faithfulness sealed in that closed circle, a band of gold on his finger. Many women marry to try to change a man, and may hope and pray that over time things will change. And some of us end up with another, not really by choice but locked into it.

But what makes a woman take that ring off her finger, in a final gesture, and not put it back on? Why? It is not because she wishes to, but because without the connection between the two rings, when only one is worn, it becomes meaningless. And sad. And painful. Especially when the man appears to become bored with a ten or more year old relationship. He speaks of the things he is missing in his life. He becomes wall-eyed around all women. He comes home late alot. And drunk a lot. 3 a.m. alot. No ring worn ever, not even from the first day of marriage. It doesn't fit right he says. She attempts to hang in there, for the child, (she herself fearing divorce in her own childhood, swearing not to abuse her own child's right to two parents, no matter what the situation, to her, anything is better than divorce). Or maybe really she's scared, having no where else to go, toughing it out. She is the mama lion, protecting and nurturing her cubs more than herself, fighting to the death to protect that which is sacred. But she gets worn down, for this is not a job done well alone.

She does not see that same nurturing reflected back when she looks into the eyes of this man, her husband. And she sees it much less as she watches it played out from day to day. Lowering herself to the menial tasks required for her maintain a semblance of life for her family. She misses the parties he goes to without telling her about them. Or, worse, early in the day, he nags her, picks a fight for the mere purpose of having a reason to leave and stay gone, a long time. Now it is true, she is not having a great time here, and many hands can make a job easier, but it is only her hands there, wondering where the possibilites went, and what happened to doing a good job at the work of raising a family, with teamwork.

So blame rears its ugly head, attempting to find the place in which it must lie, but again the misty fog begins to form.

One night she finds herself going out on the town, not with him, but another man, a friend, who has asked both of them to attend a show with him. But the husband says no, she can go but he will not. After years of getting up at dawn on the morning of opening day of deer hunting, instead this year, he will spend the night before the hunt at a motel, far away. Even after adamantly turning down many offers over the many years to stay overnight, this year, he is going to be gone that night, all night. She tries not to think too hard about this hurt, and after all she is going out too. For once. But of course she must do all the work of finding, coordinating, and picking up the sitter and later in the midnight hour, she will leave her child alone, to take the sitter home.

So off she goes, that night, that Friday night, to have some fun, or at least hoping to have some fun, with this platonic friend, not even that good of a friend, to go to this show. The man she married is gone for the evening, and in many ways, in her heart, he nevers returns after this evening. But mostly that night she allows herself to forget him, and doesn't bother her mind with where he has gone, on this one night, when they could have been together, could have went to have fun, with each other, as partners. But never had it worked out that way, never had they and never would they be or go anywhere in happiness. And that alone was a stinging slap on her face she could not forget.

Off she goes, driving to the uncertainties of the evening, leaving herself open to the possibilities which could never be as bad as the reality of her life. By request she takes this friend to the store first, so he can pickup a hip flask of his favorite whiskey, to sneak into the show. She knows this person has and can lose control of himself while drinking, but she doesn't see that happening tonight. At least not as quickly as it does. She takes a couple of hits in the car, and drives into the bar parking lot, where an older woman spies on them while they tarry in the car. The woman approaches them and states, "I don't know what you're doing in there, but you better not stay in there very much longer." Surprised by this elder spokeperson for the moral majority, they exit the car and enter the bar where the show is about to take place.

The bar is crowded and, at first glance, she realizes she is underdressed for the occasion. They climb the stairs up to an empty booth, lucky to have found one. They appear to be a couple, but aren't, and as a group of women, nearly girls, start to flirt with her friend, she is happy for him, and decides to head downstairs for a beer. Crowded to capacity, she finally makes it back upstairs while the opening band begins to play. But where is the friend? Sitting with the friendly patrons one booth over? No, don't see that. But one more look shows him passed out drunk, laying down on the booth seat, snoozing away. Not more than 30 minutes after they arrived. Well, how about that? Guess it's time to go it alone for the rest of the evening. So she heads downstairs, to try to inconspicuosly hang out without actually having a seat or a group of friends to sit with.

She finds a little dark corner, that seems to be vacant behind what appears to be a PA sound board. She quietly watches as the mediocre hometown band play their cover tunes, happy to be somewhere watching and enjoying this scene of nightlife, which in her past was not all that unfamiliar. The first band ends, and she feels lucky no one has asked her to move from her hidden little spot. Next the lights go dim, and she looks up to see one light shining in a little hallway, where the performers enter the stage. Then she sees him. Everyone fussing around him, him laughing, smiling, glowing from the sequins of his shiny suit, but more glowing just because her eyes cannot remove themselves from him.

She is shocked by her own reaction to this person, this performer she has not seen before, but she knows from that moment forward she would never forget him. She watches him enter the stage, and watches him capture the audience with his songs and presence. She watches from above on cloud nine, until the halftime intermission, where she sees they are setting up a merchandise autograph table. She is determined now to buy something, anything, just to get a closer look at him, and to get closer to him.

She waits in line with the boisterous crowd, flowing with drinks and good times. She feels her face flush as it becomes her turn, she hands him the photo of himself which she purchased, and asks him to make it out to her. Pressures inside her throw caution to the wind, and she wisks herself forward, closer, and closer to him, until the inevitable releases itself. She place her lips in front of his, and he does not deny her. Time stops, stars shoot, seconds seem like hours, and as she opens her eyes, he looks deeply into them with as much surprise as she herself feels. Never again is she the same, never. As for his feelings, it is a mystery, but her own cannot be denied. She entered the evening, what some might deem as a lost soul, but after she leaves she is renewed. Truly refreshed, inflated with some kind of magic, she never thought possible. It is true, that once you kiss the lips of another the past is gone. How could this happen and why? Who knows, but she is redeemed, and that is not a lie. He stays with her, in her mind.

Whatever this is that happened, she will carry it with her for a long time. This man had breathed new life into her. She needed it badly, yes, but it did happen. And for everytime, as she continued to follow him and go to his shows, it was always the same. She knew she was married, but no one could ever expect anyone to live in the emotional void she had endured for so long. He became her secret lover, the lover in her mind. And as she dreamed of him, and wrote to him, and visited him in his autograph lines, she believed that one day, God would see her happy, if only because he lived on this earth, not really with her, but just on this planet.To quote another statement, "You don't miss your water, till your well runs dry."

Her husband began to notice her distancing herself from him. It seemed he maybe couldn't stand her ease, her happiness, as he teased her about this performer, her inspiration, to the point of ruthlessness. Until one day, a July 4th, that he went to an outdoor concert with her, to see the show, which he made clear he wasn't too excited about. But something happened at that show, imaginary or not. Her husband thought he caught a glimpse of this star actually watching her, noticing her standing in the audience, seemingly separate from the rest. It was then that things seemed to begin to change on the playing field that was their home. Why after so long being disinterested in her, using her, did he become jealous? Perhaps not wanting to believe another might want her, even though to look at her, you could see she was after all, very desirable.

So things did change after that July 4. She began to pay for her happiness. The husband eventually began to use that love, as his hurtful excuse for more of his own cold heartedness which had been taking place long before there was this new reason for it. But she held fast, and rode the tidal waves of her life. And no matter how hard she tried, and she did try, she could not forget this man, this performer. Even when she knew she would never have him for her own, she justified it in her own mind, as something God willed. And when God willed something, there must be a good reason for it, and she was not going to question this, this strong undeniable love, the love that never was, but always remains, the love which she could not lose, but she never had.

And still this legacy continues. The husband continued his dishonorable lifestyle, but he alone knew he held someone, something of value, which he could not tap into. She on the other hand, found what was worth keeping, hidden in her mind, and her dreams, a very real love. She now knows that God is truly her one connection, and she looks no further, and she asks no more...when? She found the love she had misplaced in His hands. And still touches the thoughts of unrequited love only after praying to God.

The music remains and is enhanced, and blossoms daily, onward towards its own final divine glory.

The Pilgrim—The Movie-- by Elizabeth Stone

Prelude - [THE PILGRIM plays slow as scenes of the town are shown] fades into....

[Sound of a train ....with the mandolin played at the end of "Redemption" ]

snapshot of downtown USA, Harlan County.....animates and the story begins....

Cross-eyed Norman and the Beauty Queen‘s theme:


[front of a church] [ signs everywhere showing she is their beauty queen] the town beauty queen marrying a poor, cross-eyed young man, dressed in coveralls ...

[inside some bar] the same cross-eyed young man fights someone over looking at her...[ them leaving the bar]...she's upset...and frustrated..

[in front of their house], she is getting into the car, he is yelling from the front porch for her to come back inside.....

["Sometimes the Pleasure's Worth The Pain" plays showing her driving to the hospital... going in doing her job ]

Cross-eyed Norman's theme :

["Reasons" plays as Norman drinks in bars all over town]

1st verse/chorus

The Pilgrim

["The Pilgrim" plays ( Emmy Lou Harris singing )]

[The County Hospital, surgery ward.]...enter the Pilgrim walking a patient on a gurny to surgery.

The Pilgrim

a man in his mid/late 30's from another town about 40 miles from Harlan County [an innocent, trusting, . soul... with a hard-won even-temper. a man who works a strong program with 10 years sobriety

The Pilgrim's Secret

There's a secret he keeps hidden from site..only God and his mama know... you can see it every once in a while in his lonesome , far away times he seems to be lookin' for something.....or somebody] he's been running from the pain this secret has caused you can tell...cause nothin' throws him..... that is.....until he meets Rita.

As for the Pilgrim... he is hopelessly in Love with Rita...Finally found someone he can trust...he has NO CLUE of what is about to happen.


Rita loves the Pilgrim. She loves to hear him speak...he doesn't judge her/they have no past. there is peace when they are together. No tension/no history/the past doesn't exist... for either one.....and.they can make any future they want...

Rita's Secret

She knows what her reality is... she is a mean, jealous drunk..she no longer loves. Rita would never actually cheat on Norman, by giving into advances... she just wants her secret little fantasy life to go on.... no need to rock the boat.. that is...until she meets The Pilgrim.

she now fears her perfectly innocent conversation with the Pilgrim will reveal her true marital status. and her peaceful world with be turned upside down...she wants to leave Norman....she wants to tell the pilgrim,.. but she doesn't...

The Pilgrim and Rita's Love Theme

Greatest Love of All Time (instrumental)

Their Love Story is an innocent love. They have done nothing wrong. Just hold hands.. They truly love one another. Rita needs The Pilgrim just as much as he needs her. They are what the other has been looking for all their life.

Tragedy's Theme (the truth comes out )

"Harlan County" (Ralph Stanley singing)

[Norman packin' his gun/writing a note simultaneously shows The Pilgrim with Rita talkin' at the hospital in the break room.]

Norman at hospital confronting Rita ( the unfaithful wife)

2nd verse/Chorus

Goin' Nowhere Fast - Rita's theme

Rita is bitter. Her husband has just killed himself and any chance she ever had to start over.... ashamed and worn out...Rita just wants peace. she can't even think about anybody else .... she just has to get out fast. [ Love can go to.... plays..]
She just leaves town..doesn't know where she's going...just has to get out.
She's gone... ["Goin' Nowhere Fast" plays as she is drivin' down the highway outta town ]..

The Scandal

newspaper headlines / people pointing at The Pilgrim as he walks by on the street.

[the pilgrim at home, phone rings... he gets hate calls...slams the phone down]

He's been side-swiped... didn't see it comin'... [instrumental, "Greatest Love of All Time" plays as memories of Rita pass thru his mind]

The Pilgrim Journey

Red Red Wine and Cheatin' Songs

The Pilgrim in Honky Tonks drinkin' dancin' and carryin' on..

["Love Can Go To....." plays] he leaves town...starts driving "somewhere".....the Pilgrim's journey begins....

[track 3 plays as he drives and drives.... stops at a truck stop...

"Truckstop" ( sung by George Jones and Emmy Lou Harris )

At the truckstop ...makes a friend... the local waitress knows he's a pilgrim..he's on his way somewhere...

Prayin' Hobo's

A train passes by.....he notices it stops just behind the truckstop he hops the train ends up in a box car full of hobos...

There's older woman hobo, she is a prophetess...she talks to the Pilgrim [ "Hobo's Prayer" plays....] she nails him...he can't believe A HOBO knows him better than he knows himself... he can run....but he can't hide. ..

["Goin' Nowhere Fast" plays he hitchhikes all over the country]

The graveyard

"The Observations of a Crow".. verse 1 /chorus......

"The Observations of a Crow" [instrumental]

[The Pilgrim walkin thru a grave's his mamma's grave he's come to see.... she didn't tell him she was sick... he never got to say goodbye.....[it's been eatin' at him....he felt betrayed....that's the Pilgrim's Secret....]


At his momma's graveside, the Pilgrim repents (makes a decision to turn it around )....

("Greatest Love"...instrumental track 14) whenever he thinks of Rita

"Draggin' Around These Chains of Love" (Pilgrim hits the road for home and to find Rita)

[scenes of the Pilgrim traveling....crossing the 50 states to get to Rita]

Homecoming ["The Greatest Love of All Time"]

Track 13 plays as The Pilgrim (looking good) walks into a hospital where Rita now works in another town...he's found her....

[Shows her looking at a chart ....] she looks up...and there he is...finally...home

[Scenes of them present day home...happy....with their children...]

[Track 18 - "The Pilgrim"] as credits roll....

THE PILGRIM ALBUM REVIEW: By Dawn Watson, Lithia, Florida


A Dream….

I found myself wondering amongst train tracks of an old switchyard. It was cool, and the rain had been falling only very short while ago. A train sat a few feet from me as I wondered along the side of the cars stopping only for a short moment to place my hand upon one. I stared up at the sky it's cold, dark, and mysterious rolling clouds and hints of lighting dancing from one to the next and the sound of thunder in the distance a well. Then I hear his voice mentioning of a "Holy Grail." (Outro & Hobo's Prayer)

Slowly I turn to see him… his voice, booming, echoed within the partly empty switchyard. I turned to see Johnny Cash speaking with a young man or figure but I could not make out whom the figure was or what they are talking about. I walked closer hoping to get a glimpse of them but no luck. Johnny turned to face me and said, "You'd better go on and leave before they catch you." (Goin' Nowhere Fast)

Without thinking, I reached up and grabbed a hold of one the metal ladders of the train car that I had just early run my hand up against. In doing so the train suddenly began to move and a found myself holding on for dear life now to the side of the car. I had on longer been holding onto the metal ladder. Slowly the train rounds a corner and as I look back Johnny seems to fade almost away. I call out to him but he does not hear my voice. It fades into the wind and nothingness; it is lost within the sound of the train's whistle. I feel my fingers begin to slip as the train passes over a black void the tracks seem to float in mid-air and a cavern now forms below me and the train itself.

I look up trying to reach the edge of the car with my other hand it slips and I find it hard to keep my grip with the other hand once more. I'm struggling to fight something I can not see. I turn my head to my right shoulder and low and behold Marty is next to me. He walks out a bit more from the edge of the other metal ladder of the same train car. I now realize I have something in my left hand I can not let go of. All of sudden, it slips falling towards the black void of the cavern below me. Marty, he to is holding onto the edge of the trains car looks at me, reaching a hand out saying, "Give me you hand; you don't have to do this!" He shouts as the wind whips at his hair and causing it to flow around his face. (Sometimes the Pleasure's Worth the Pain)

"But I lost them!" Guilt fills my heart as Marty looks down and lets go of the edge of the train car falling into the black void to get the lost object. He snags a tree limb just to the side of the cavern, he manages to grab a hold of the lost object but his grip begins to slip as well. I yell for him to grab a hold of my right arm; I realize that I'm now holding onto the train car with my left hand.

He yells, "But you are too weak! I won't be able to hold onto you!" "Have faith Marty! I will not let you fall!" I close my eyes and a unknown force, a light inside of me builds as if it were a flicker of a lost flame, as I reopen my eyes reaching my hand out to him. "Grab hold Marty!" He doesn't at first but then he grabs hold and with the unknown force and my faith I pull him and the lost object out from the black void back onto the train itself.

The black void disappears and the ground of gravel reappears in its place. I look at Marty as the train comes to a halt I turn my face to my left side. Yet again I can not make out the face of the person now, but in due time, I find out whom it was I saved.

Marty stares at me as I say, "I closed my eyes and made a small prayer to myself. I would not let you fall into the black void of the cavern. My faith would not allow it. I love you Marty." (Redemption)

I found the person that I had saved was not only the image of Marty but that the object was of my own self… I had saved my own soul from the black void of nothingness… I finally understood…Dream ends… (The Pilgrim: Part 3) (06/16/99)

My review of the album of the Pilgrim started out with the dream I had last night. I found myself following the path of the Pilgrim in Marty's songs. I had almost every one of his songs within a short dream. I thought it might set a picture of what I felt from all the songs that are mentioned by the "()" next to them.

I found that I was dreaming as if I was the Pilgrim himself seeing the world through his eyes. Yet the album of songs had me thinking of my own Pilgrimage with my brothers illness at the time. I saw many things through his eyes even though others did not and to me he was a Pilgrim as well. This album would've delighted my brother, as he loved a song that told a story.

That is why I am writing this review the way I only know how. As it were told in Marty's album of The Pilgrim. I now knew this was to be a VERY long review indeed!

The "Intro" the sound of a train in the distances drawing closer painting the picture as it's whistle calls out to my soul. The sound of instruments tuning up fills out the excitement as a slow tune of something that sounds close to Patsy Cline's "Sweet Dreams "plays.

As the tune drifts off to a humming the guitars start as Marty sings of a guilt in "Sometimes the Pleasure's Worth the Pain." I can feel my heart burn as he describes the hurt of a lost soul trying to find a reason for his troubles. He searches for an answer to why he continues to return to her door.

I hear Emmylou Harris's voice as she sings of the Pilgrim's path. Slowly my eyes filled with tears as I began to feel the sadness in "Harlan County" and how the Pilgrim must've felt as the woman's man shot himself before them both. The image in my mind of her crying for forgiveness and how the husband felt to find them together.

"Reasons" -- Don't we all have them, I felt as thought I were the one with the gun in my hand. I took a good listen to every word that Marty began to foretell. As if a man had lost what little hope and will of having a wife. And how he could no longer live upon this Earth as if it were his fault she had left him for another man. I could just imagine how I saw life through his eyes, as though giving up was the answer, with "Love Can Go To....... "

As I listen to this album, I realized that I'd seen several of my friends go through the same life. It didn't take me long to realize that the next song sounded so much like my cousin Donna L. She'd had a husband that done her wrong and now she's kicked him out. But there for a while she was the one in the bar. I could just see her seated at a bar drowning her sorrows in a glass of "Red, Red Wine & Cheatin' Songs," more of a George Jones song that is.

As I wandered from the bar to a "Truckstop" with a man down on his luck searching for some comfort in a friendly face of a waitress named Shirley. I felt as though I were that Pilgrim seated with the cup of coffee cup between my hands listening to her every word she had to say. The music carried me from the lonesome look of the Pilgrim to an old switchyard.

Where the dream I had comes to mind at the front of this review, "Hobo's Prayer". Just today I drove down to the tracks, near where I live. It was raining slightly and a cast of blue-black hung in the clouds just above the railing. As I paused to stare down the tracks of the switchyard, my mind began to drift into the words of the song. I could almost envision a lone hobo wandering along the rail's edge, pulling up his collar to around his neck trying to keep the rain out. There was a hint of a breeze as it softly blew into my vehicle window and I could almost hear the train's whistle blowing as it rounded the corner of the switchyard. I had been playing the album and when this song appeared on the tape once more I thought of how free it must feel to ride the rails of an old train car. I never wanted the rain to end it felt so cool against my skin and the hum of Marty's guitar made me enjoy the moment that much more. (06/19/1999)

After awhile I knew I had to leave the switchyard when the tune changed into a catchy beat. I got to thinking of the day before when I was at a red light, that my heart shot like a rocket as a beat danced over the radio's speakers. I now knew it was describing my life, "Goin' Nowhere Fast." I thought of what the one line says, " Talking to myself, when I find me alone." Yeah, that fits especially when something rotten happens and it usually does. I had only made the mistake of putting this song into my tape player in the car. This caused me to have a lead foot I wanted nothing more than to race down the road. And at the time, I didn't care where I would end up just to be set free. Instead got behind somebody at a red light and like the title says, I was "Goin' Nowhere Fast."

As I sat at the red light, the tune "The Observations of a Crow" slowly rolled out of my speakers and into my mind. As I leaned up against my left hand on the edge of the window, I continued to think of what rest of the day was going to be like good or bad. As I cut my eyes at the radio, the idea of me being that crow came to mind and some poor old soul being the Pilgrim other than me. I knew how the crow felt, I'd watched several fights, a few car wrecks and in general tried to block most of it out. It got me to thinking of the dream I had only a few days before, "What was this leading up too?" I asked myself… as the Instrumental intermission snapped me back to life, the red light had changed and so did the tape…the end of side A.

(06/21/1999) Continue Review to the Pilgrim Album…


The continue to this album I began to drift from my own worries to that of the Pilgrims in "The Greatest Love Of All Time." As Marty foretells of how much the Pilgrim loved the young woman and what he left behind to search for some answers of his own. Of how much he missed her kisses, as he tries to forget the regret and how he felt as if he were the fool. I could see the hurt and the memories rushing in and how sad the Pilgrim must've felt leaving her behind. The music dies to a soft hum only to bring the "Reprise" of instruments, sounding so much of my own heart breaking into two parts. The sad sounds made me envision the man wandering down a train track, wiping at tears in his eyes as a hint of rain pours down upon him.

"Draggin' Around These Chains Of Love", running, scared and lonesome describes the way of my closest friends. Some of them had been draggin' their own chains around and like the Pilgrim the only think that kept them going was hope. I got the impression of the Pilgrim beating his fist up against a cement wall and screaming out in angry and pain for what he was now going through. As I saw it through his eyes, I got to feeling like guilt was the cause along.

In the distance, a trains whistle calls out to me…for I could almost feel as if I was the Pilgrim I realized that much of this review seemed to be describing my life. " Pilgrim (Act 2) " the old man reprising the words began to burn deep inside of my mind leading me to the cemetery where my brother now rests.

As I stopped my car at the cemetery where my brothers ashes are laid to rest, the song, "Redemption" rolled into my mind and how much it hurt not having the other half of me by my side. And like the dream I could see the darkness and, between the clouds, a light peered out shining upon the ground in front of me. That flicker of a flame was still there and I to never really got to say good-bye to my brother, even now a simple "I love you" is hard to say.

Slowly I wandered back to my car and punched up the tape to hear Marty singing " The Pilgrim (Act 3) " and the soft sound of his mandolin playing a haunting tune within the cemetery itself. I began to feel the peace return to me as though someone where saying, "Don't cry. I am happy here on the other side." I now understood what Marty was trying to say and what the dream really meant to me. I was never alone. I had my brother beside me all long and Jesus watching over me. I was in that valley looking at the other side, searching for an answer to all my questions the Pilgrims quest. As Marty's voice drifts off into a musical wonder of drums, his mandolin, and the cries of violins I closed my eyes feeling the thundering sound of its beat deep inside of my own soul. I was that lonesome Pilgrim once again.

Reopening my eyes the "Outro" rocked something in my mind, I felt once more as though I was that Pilgrim, and I had my own life to live now. Something kept telling me to return, not to run away from my troubles. Now in "Mr. John Henry, Steel Driving Man" the instrumental magic captured me freeing my soul and spirit. The Pilgrimage from the dream to the present, I now could see what the man, the lone hobo and the Pilgrim was going through…the same tragedies that every day life has to hold.

And in my eyes Marty was my hand that guided me through his songs he wrote lyrics that I could relate too.

Once more Johnny Cash's voice echoed a booming sound as I returned to that old switchyard once more. This time the dream had lead into reality as I sat near the trees watching the birds flying near the tracks. As I listened in the distance to the sound of a train's whistle disappearing around the bend. I truly understood…I had found my own "Holy Grail. "

Bonus: Like all Marty albums there had to be a special ending. A fun loving version that sounds much like "Foggy Mountain Break Down" between a banjo and his mandolin. Now if I could only figure out what was said at the end of their playing?


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