J.R.'s Executive Inn, Paducah, KY on June 28, 2003

My friend and I got off work 30 minutes early with permission, so after we got home and got ready, we left Mayfield around 4 p.m. We arrived at the Executive Inn around 5:30 p.m., and got in, walked around and then round some chairs and sat by the entrance. Four people in the fan club were already there lined up sitting on the floor in front of the door. We just missed Marty arriving. Heard he arrived around 5 p.m. The new fan club member's daughter came through there, and she recognized me off hand, so we talked, and then her mom came shortly after. We chatted until time to line up. Sid that at 6:30 p.m. Then two other members and their husbands came in line and all of us chatted till time for the doors to open. I found out I would be sitting at the table with these people. They knew me off hand! Wow, thanks to Sherry's webpage, I was recognized by lots of others as well.

When we got in and got to the tables, at mine I was sitting right in front of stage, behind just two people, other members I met too. Great view, I was right in front of the main microphone!!!!! Well while waiting for the time for the concert to start, the local radio station's mascot -- a rabbit -- came around and shook hands with people, and I got a hug. Come to find out, this rabbit was a lady! I did mention they need to play more Marty music on their station! The rabbit did a thumbs up to that!

Still waiting patiently, a few more fan club members sit by me, little Paul and his family, from Indiana. He is the one that was on one of the Marty Party's one time! Well, little Paul is taller than me now! He played his guitar. Then it was getting closer, my friend met up with a friend of her's and they stood by the window looking out over the river, and it was getting time for the band and Mr. Stuart to arrive on stage. Well, looked out and here he comes down by the door she was standing, she said could have reached out and grabbed Marty, and the cute young guitar player, Brian came in before Marty and spoke to her!

Lots of us at the table I was at and next to me, which was the Blakes, (Paul's family) stood up too. Another fan club member came and talked to me for a few minutes before the show! Then the local radio station deejay and rabbit came on did some announcements, and then made the meet and greet speech for the fan club members only, so he said. We were to stay in our seats after the show to meet with Marty, he would come out and sign autographs and take pictures. Then he introduced the band and Marty, of course I screamed loud as did the rest!

Great show! Gosh darn, wish I could tell all the songs, seems like lately I get forgetful on all he does, I do know he opened with "Get Back To The Country." Gorgeous he was in the black leather pants, the coat with the purple in it and shirt with purple and a purple scarf around his neck, his hair salt and pepper color. He spotted me first off! And smiled really big! I am a blank on the other songs, duh forgive me! He did talk about the tour, and the would be going to Wisconsin today, well leaving last night for there. Kenny Vaughan sung as well as Brian, and of course Harry. Marty did his "I Met My Wife At Waffle House" song. He said he would sing that since Waffle House is sponsoring the Barnyard tour.

He sung a song about Farm ("Farmer's Blues"), something that he and Connie wrote, I loved it. He, Kenny, Brian, and Harry did two gospel songs. He did the "Whiskey Ain't Workin' Anymore,", "This One's Gonna Hurt You," and said he missed his buddy Travis. A little girl 4 years old, her mom took her to the stage to give Marty a rabbit's foot and a little miniature dog, he said the dog looked like his ex-wife, then he mentioned he paid to get in that one, and paid to get out, and he said, you need to be Johnny Cash's son-in-law just once. Then some one asked him how Johnny Cash was doing and he said Johnny was doing good! He mentioned that he had been touring lots lately and hasn't seen Connie so he was homesick, then he did a song called "Homesick"! Marty did "Now That's Country" and "Too Much Month At The End Of The Money" and the new one released off the new CD, and of course mentioned the CD would be out Tuesday. He did "A Satisfied Mind" too.

The last song was "Hillbilly Rock." Then all of us in the audience screamed when he left the stage, No one was allowed to go up to the stage! Then the band left, and I along with the rest just kept screaming!!!!! So the band came back along with Marty and he did two encores, the new song to be released, and "High On A Mountain Top." That was it. He left again! When he arrived back on stage he threw a towel, aiming it toward our table, and it went to the table next to us! Ratz!

So, while us fan club members were waiting after the others left for Marty to come out for the meet and greet, Kenny Vaughan finally talked to a few fans at the stage and signed some autographs, so did Brian. Then it was time for Marty, and they told us to line up, I had my camera ready just as some of the others, and Les is the manager as well now, too, so he announced, "no pictures," so I stuck my camera in my shirt pocket, and just decided to have Marty sign one thing, I took two, I had him sign the new 8x10 that came with the fan club renewal package. He had on the black leather pants and a suede blue jean shirt.

As I walked up to Marty, I showed Les my membership card, but Les didn't even check the cards, so non fan club members were getting autographs as well. There wasn't but about 20 fan club members if that many there. Les told me he knew who I was, he didn't need to see mine. Okay, it was my turn to get an autograph, and talk to Marty, and let me tell you I am on Cloud 9 pals. I walked up and he said, "Hi Ev." I just about fell over, I didn't have anything on with my name on it. So he gave me a big hug face to face, and I kissed him on the cheek, whew! Man did he smell great!!!!! I gave him the picture to sign. He just kept on writing, and I thought to myself what is he writing on it? Well, he handed it back, to me, and when he I did just held on to it,

I gave him a tiny cross from me and Joey, cause Joey made it for him and I explained the situation, that Joey made it, where he was, that is all, but he knows. We talked and then I told him in tears that it would be a while before I see him again with this tour. He wouldn't be very close. He comforted me with the words, "We will be back". I said, "I love you and I will miss you so much." He replied, "I love you and I will miss you too so much Ev." Then he gave me another face to face big hug and another kiss this time on yes, the lips! Wow!!!!! I just froze, and forgot to introduce him to the new fan club member. Then she mentioned I did, and I walked back and introduced her. While waiting for her and her daughter, (my other friend already left), I read what he wrote on the picture, "To Evelyn Totty, Love Marty Stuart". Again I thought, he has a good memory, he knows my name!!!!! Then it was time to go! I ran into the Blakes (Paul's family) as I was leaving out and talked to them for a few minutes. Another Marty concert for me. Two times this year!

Review by Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY

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