Transcript from online chat on (6/2/1998) Marty Stuart has just joined us along with his lovely and talented wife.

SeaBabe: Marty, did you and Connie first meet at the Opry? If not, where did you meet?

Marty Stuart: I met her when she played my hometown when she played the Choctaw fair when I was 12 years old in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

Marty Stuart: I met her when she played my hometown when she played the Choctaw fair when I was 12 years old in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

SeaBabe: I heard you were related to the Cash family. How?

Marty Stuart: They are my ex-in laws. I was once married to Cindy Cash, I was son-in-law number 11 out of 4 daughters. Cash calls me 'Old Number 11'.

Clatter: I heard you sing the song "Don't Be Cruel" with the Jordanaires. How was that experience?

Marty Stuart: Incredible. It was during the Tribute To Elvis in Memphis. I heard they were in the building when I was rehearsing, I asked if they would come and sing. They agreed and it was were great.

Paula3: Marty, what hair product do you use? You always have such a cool "do".

Marty Stuart: Dead deer, I got tired of "moose". And flour when I can get Gary to do my hair.

Gary Chapman: Watch the show, you'll understand. Be sure to tune into Prime Time Country on TNN tonight at 9 p.m. E.T. and spend a evening with Marty Stuart!

email: Hey Marty, where did you get your interest in country music?? -- Glenda Taylor

Marty Stuart: The first time I ever heard it, it was a Johnny Cash album and I was 5 years old. I've loved it ever since.

email: Hi Marty, I know your love of traditional country music. Have you ever thought of focusing on another style of music? -- Karla Turbyfield (aka Junebug)

Marty Stuart: I love all musics. I love any music that is pure.

kozx: How do you balance a professional career and personal life?

Marty Stuart: I have a very understanding wife, and the reason she understands is she sang for a living most of her life and we are both each others biggest fans, and that really helps.

snikle: Marty and Connie, are ya'll planning on doing duets together soon?

Marty Stuart: If I thought I could keep up with her singing, we would do one. I actually did co-write and produce an album for her that will be out this August on Warner Bros. If you love Marty Stuart music, check into our Musicstore on We've got 8 albums for you to choose from and one video collection!

email: Hi Gary - I just wanted to ask you, what has been the most memorable show of Prime Time Country for you? -- Randa Smith

Gary Chapman: The most memorable is the one I just did with Marty, but then again my short term memory is about all I have left.

email: Hey Marty! When is the next album coming out? -- TennPam

Marty Stuart: Spring of 1999.

weezer: What's your favorite place to shop?

Marty Stuart: Manuel's Western Wear in Nashville. If that's not open, Wal-Mart.

wilson: Marty any marriage advice you could give for someone that is thinkin of tying the knot soon?

Marty Stuart: You should probably talk to someone who has been married more than 8 months. Consult the Bible, it's a pretty good road map to marriage.

KWCCMuscatineIA: Are you going to be at Fan Fair this year?

Marty Stuart: Yes, and if they will consult our or Marty's folder in AOL, you can get a complete schedule.

Marty Stuart: If you're not doing anything tonight, be sure to watch Prime Time Country. In our own humbled opinions, we think we did a great show.

Gary Chapman: I'll second that. I'm very proud of this one. Talk to ya'll next Tuesday. Don't be a stranger. Thanks for joining our LIVE chat with Marty Stuart and Gary Chapman.

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