Executive Inn - Owensboro, Kentucky on May 5, 2001

I left Murfreesboro Friday afternoon and headed to Evelyn's to spend the night and then go to see Marty Saturday. I got to Evelyn's about three hours later and we visited for a while and then she had to go to work at her night job. Saturday morning, Evelyn went and worked a few hours. While she was gone, I got ready to go to see Marty. When Evelyn got home from work, she called the Executive Inn to make sure that our tickets would be waiting for us and that Marty was still going to be there. They told us, "yes," that Marty was on his way. So we left for Owensboro.

We arrived at the Executive Inn and had to drive around the parking lot a couple of times to find a parking place close to the entrance of the motel. While circling in the parking lot, Evelyn said, "There is Clarence and Glenda."

I parked the car and we went in. I found a seat and sat down while Evelyn was checking on our tickets. After she got the tickets, she came over to where I was sitting. We decided we wanted to get something to eat. We saw Jodee and Elliott. Jodee gave each of us a hug. We asked her if she knew how to get to a place there in the motel to eat. Elliott said, "There is a pizza place down that way" and pointed to his left. So we said we would see them later and went to see if we could find the pizza place or any other place to eat. We found a place that served a buffet and sandwiches. We went in and were seated. Then I spotted Sherry and Mario and Mary Runyan.

When they finished eating, Sherry came over and talked with us. After Sherry left, I told Evelyn, "Look who's in here." It was Marty. He saw us and said, "Hey you all." We asked him, "How are you doing?" He said, "Fine." Evelyn told him, "You are so good looking." He said, "Na." We said, "Yes you are." Then June and Jay came over to where we were sitting. It was my first time to meet them. We told her that Marty was in there eating and that he had talked with us a little.

We finished eating and went and found a place in the hall to wait to get into the showroom. At one place where we sat, we saw some girls in prom dresses. Some of the dresses were beautiful. Evelyn went to check to see if there was any place closer to the showroom door. There was, so we moved. They finally opened the doors and we went in and found our seats.

A waitress came by and asked if we wanted something to drink. Evelyn and I got us a Sprite each to drink. I asked the waitress if we could go down to the stage to take pictures. She said, "Yes." I told her, "Good because my camera doesn't have a zoom lens."

Finally, they brought Marty on and he started the show with "Hillbilly Highway." I don't remember the order that Marty sang the songs in. Sherry named most all of the songs in her review. I really loved the new song Maty sang called, "I Don't Want No Other Baby But You" and also loved singing with Marty on "Ring of Fire."

When Marty sang "Hillbilly Rock," I knew the show was over (which had happened way too soon.) After the meet and greet, we left because Evelyn had to go to work Sunday morning and I had to come back to Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Review by Judy Trickett, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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