Opera House - Newberry, SC on August 16, 1998

The concerts were AWESOME!!!! Stayed for both!!! Took my mom to the first show and, when Marty did his meet and greet after the show, she got to meet him! The Opera House was 110 years old and only held 426 people. Marty referred to it as his "living room" show. It was very personal and, of course, he was AWESOME!!! We sat on the front row for both shows and you could have reached out and touched him!!!

He threw me his pick after the first show and the lady from "The State" newspaper in Columbia, SC came up to me afterwards and asked me several questions about Marty and how many concerts I had been to, etc.

When I got to see him at the meet and greet, I had the pictures of my Harley where he had signed the gas tank. He said, "We did this in Myrtle Beach?" I said "yes" and was really surprised he remembered where we were when he signed it!!! I have had more questions about his autograph on my bike than you can imagine. Wanted to ride it to Newberry and have him take a picture on it but, of course, it was raining when I left Greenville!! Beautiful in Newberry, but it was raining when I left to come home.

Ate lunch in a small restaurant across the street and the band was upstairs. Denise and her daughter were able to sit up there. Her daughter has a pic of her and Steve and he signed it for her. After they were finished eating, Steve came downstairs and sat at our table with me and my neighbor and talked about an hour!! He is wonderful!!

The shows were a lot alike but some different. Marty had on leather pants and leather shirt for the first show and leather pants, black ruffled shirt and black jacket for the second show. I could have sat there all night!!!

Review by Jill Cantrell

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