Little Nashville Opry, Nashville IN on June 8, 2002

Just thought I'd write and tell you that the show I saw in June at the Little Nashville Opry was great! It was the first time I saw Marty with the new band and they did sound good. I admit I was leary walking through the doors, but as soon as the show started I realized they were good and in time they will get even better!I will really miss Steve, Brad and Gregg though. They are all wonderful musicians and great guys.

I am sending you pics that I took from that show. Feel free to put any and all on the website! I think they turned out great! It was nice to meet the new band and Kenny was nice enough to take my brother and I outside by the bus to see Marty! It was the first show my brother had seen and it was also the first time he met Marty. Marty came back inside the building with us and gave us both a can of pop! :-) He's a great guy and a wonderful performer. I'm really looking forward to seeing him again.

Heather with the Band

Review and Photos by Heather Marshall

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