Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, TN on October 12, 2003

We left Murfreesboro at about 3:30 p.m. I had not been to Municipal Auditorium in a long time so I went early in case they had changed some of the road around on how to get to it. Well thank goodness everything was the same including the parking garage beside it and the price for parking. Well I got my billfold out and was fixing to pay to park when the guy running the garage noticed my handicap plaque and motion me on through to a parking space which was very close to the front of the garage. Well Jerry (my friend's nephew) got my wheelchair out of the car and we started to the Auditorium. I told him to stop and let me talk with the parking attendant. I asked him if I needed to pay and he said NO since I had the handicap plaque that I didn't have to pay. Well that was a nice surprise.

There were five people waiting outside at the Auditorium when we got there -- Margie Sullivan and her two granddaughters and a couple which to me looked like street people, but said they were there to see Marty. Claimed that they know his sister Jennifer and his Mom. Well they started talking about what happened to Marty last year about the DUI which I did not want to hear so I had Jerry to push my wheelchair over to where Margie and her granddaughters were. Well we finally got to go into the Auditorium. Margie said that she would save a seat for Jerry and I could sit in my wheelchair which was fine with me. Anything to get front row.

We went into where the stage was and we found Margie. She had made it and had front row. After we had been sitting there for a few minutes, Diane and Jamie and Jim came and got on the second row. I asked Diane to watch my purse while we went to the merchandise table. I bought Jerry a picture of Marty and I was going to have Marty sign my insert of The Pilgrim CD again since I had to replace my first CD. I loaned it to Jerry's aunt and, when she returned it, some how it had got cracked and the last three songs would not play.

Well finally the show started with Anita Cochran. I guess she was OK but only really cared for one song. That was "She's Got You." I think that is the title. It is one that Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn have done.

Well finally it was time for Marty. He kicked the show off with a gospel song. Then he sang "Back to the Country.'' After this I may not have the songs in order but here are some of the other songs he did. "This One's Gonna Hurt You," "Whiskey Ain't Workin' Anymore," "Tempted," "A Satisfied Mind," "Long Black Veil," "Too Much Month at the End of the Money." He started to do "Touch Me, Turn Me On and Burn Me Down." Well he stopped and had Brian hand him his cup of hot tea, and he tried it again and then he said, "This ain't helping at all." So it sounds like Marty might have been having some problems with his throat. That's when he asked Kenny to do "Country Music's Got A Hold On Me." Then he asked Brian to do one. I don't remember it. Then Harry did one I think it might called" Stop Dogging Me Around." It was the same song he did at the Late Night Jam back in June.

I knew I wouldn't get the songs in order but I just thought of another one that Marty did it was the song called "Rock Island Line.'.

Marty called Connie out and she did "Once A Day'' and "Amazing Grace." Then Harry came out from behind the drums and him, Marty and Brian did another gospel song. I don't remember the title of it. The rest of what happen Diane has pretty well covered except,instead of having Marty to sign the insert to the CD, I had him to sign the towel which I will treasure always.

So it was another enjoyable evening with Marty.

Review by Judy Trickett, Murfreesboro, TN

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