Majestic Theater - North Tonawanda, NY on July 16, 1999

I went last Friday to Marty's show in North Tonawanda, NY. It was a last minute decision to go to the show and I am very glad I went. I managed to get a seat in the 3rd row right on the aisle where Marty and the band came down to get on stage. The theater is one of the round revolving stages with seats all around it.

Once again I got to meet several friends and fellow Marty fans before the show. Marty came out to sign some items for a man before the show. He gave each of us a hug and hello while he was out there.

We heard Marty would be doing a radio interview so we all gathered around the radio in Clarence and Glenda's van. We were a little disappointed that the song they played was "Tempted" and the interview lasted less than 5 minutes.

The show was great. Marty played a few songs I have not heard at the shows I have been too lately, including "Country Girls" and "Western Girls." Of course my favorites were the ones from The Pilgrim album.

When Marty was leaving the stage he stopped and searched the pockets of his long purple coat looking for something to give me but came up empty. He did give me a guitar pick at the Meet and Greet. The man sitting next to me was impressed that Marty stopped and talked to me. He had never seen Marty before and was asking me "If he was any good." Of course I told him he was fantastic.

There was a long line for the Fan Club Meet and Greet. That was good to see. I wonder if there were so many because they sign up new members at the show and let them meet Marty the same night. I think that is a good idea. It should increase the membership. Now I have to wait until August 14 for my next Marty concert in Wyoming, RI.

Review by Pat Johnson, New Milford, CT

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