Myracal's Christmas - 1998

These photos are very special to those of us on the Marty Mailing List. Myracal is 5 years old and adores Marty Stuart. Recently, many of her Marty CDs, cassettes, videotapes, pictures and fan club membership packet were stolen from a storage unit. Friends on the mailing list and Marty's Fan Club and office joined together to not only replace much of what was taken, but ADD to the collection. Her mom, Toni, graciously sent these photos of Myracal enjoying her Christmas morning. Thanks to those of you who helped out by sending gifts or just your words of encouragement. I know Toni and Myracal appreciated them all. We wish Myracal, Toni and husband Ken, the very best in 1999.

It's Christmas Morning Look, it's a Marty calendar "I'm wearing this to school."
A Marty Fan with a fan "Oh my gosh, look at this." Myracal LOVES Marty
Gazing at a Marty postcard The bus was one of her favorites. So much Marty stuff!

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