Heritage Festival, Wax Park, Moraine, OH on June 30, 2002

I also saw Marty Stuart at the Moraine Heritage Festival in Moraine, Ohio. My mother is on the Moraine Parks and Recreation Board, so I got to be a VIP!!!! I got to witness all of the wonderful "Marty Party" action from my front row center seat!

The first acts of the day, starting at 5 p.m. were two up-and-coming acts: Brent Woodall and the Natchez Trace Band and a new group called The Chase. I missed those two acts because I was waiting so anxiously for "The Man of the Evening." But I heard they were pretty good just the same !!!

Then, we move ahead to 6:30 p.m. to the act before Marty, which was his lovely wife, Connie Smith! She looks much prettier than she did on TV. She performed all of her classic hits and it began to pour down rain right before the end of her set!!! But Connie, being the sweetie that she was, decided to continue on. She brought Marty out for a duet while diehard fans sat in the downpour watching the show!!! After she was done, it started to clear up and eventually the rain ended all together.

Marty came out about 8 p.m. Seeing what Connie had been through with the downpour, Marty made a joke, "It ain't gonna rain no more, no more!" He kindly greeted the crowd of fans and began to sing his set. He looked so hot in those tight black leather pants, cowboy boots, black sequined suitcoat and white shirt with a pink silk bandanna looking tie!!! Since I was sitting up front, I got to see everything Marty and the band did!

As he sang, it seemed as though he was staring at my mother and me the whole time, but it could've been my imagination!!! Ha Ha! Marty sang all of his old classics, as well as some of the new. The VIPs and Marty's fan club members got to go to the post-show meet and greet. I met Brent Woodall, Connie Smith and, of course, Marty!!! He was just as nice and kind up close and personal as you see him on TV. He was a real sweetie. I got so nervous when I met him that I didn't know what to say!!! All I could do was stand there and just smile really big and get my autographs!!! But.....I had fun just the same! There is talk of them coming back next year and I hope they do because they put on a really great show!!! I was glad to see them and I was really glad they came to my town!! Let the "Marty Party" rock on!!!!!

Review by Randi J. Retz, Moraine, OH

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