West Virginia Interstate Fair - Mineral Wells, WV on July 21, 2001

Finally July 21st had arrived and at 5:30 a.m. my alarm went off and I had to go to work. YUK :(
At 3:00 p.m. I was the first one out of that hospital and on the way home to change and get headed to Mineral Wells. My boyfriend, Rich, and his two neices, Camisha and Tori and my son, Aaron, were waiting along with Lisa Sammons and her two girls, Shaina and Chelsea. We all went together in my van. Lisa was to ride back with Margie Brodmerkle so they could all stay all nite at my trailer. Margie had a 12 hour drive back home. It was too far for her to head back that late. We met up with my other friend Nancy and her husband, Danny and son, Dylan in Mineral Wells and drove in together. It was around 5:15.

We went right away to see where our seats were. We ran into Margie and Glenda as we were going to get something to eat. We ate at the 4-H cafeteria. After that we let the kids ride a couple rides and then it was show time (7 p.m.) so we got to our seats and they were standing behind a trailer. You could feel the excitement building and the R&R cowboys were on stage and they announced Marty and there they all were, looking SO GORGEOUS!! They were dressed in black and had sunglasses on. It was a bright and sunny day. I won't even try to tell you the set list.I'm sorry! It was great tho. Take my word for it! ;) Our seats were 4th row left side center. We had a good view. I hope I got good pics.

I spotted someone on the other side of that trailer that looked like it might be Connie and then Marty said something about her being there but he wasn't going to ask her to sing becasue she was drunk. Everyone laughed and she waved to everyone. He went on to another song and after that one he said she was rubbing snuff too. Then he said something about needing a place to stay that nite. Everyone laughed. I'm sure everyone would have given him a place to stay..;) Before we knew it the 1st show was over. It was awesome! We talked to Dale and Donna Sheasley for a few minutes and then wondered about the meet and greet. They didn't announce one so we took the kids to get something to drink and came back. I talked to Steve a little while as did Shaina and Lisa and others. We saw Brad and Gregg but I didn't get a chance to talk to them.

For the 2nd show, I got an end seat by the middle aisle. I thought i might be able to get better pics. Across that aisle was Serena Wimmer and I said "hi" to her again. Then the guys were on stage again looking just as gorgeous as before. And with just as much energy, if not more than the 1st show. Marty played some different songs than in the first show (a few of the same too). Again, I'm sorry for not remembering the songs. There were so many of us singing along and having fun right along with them. It was so great being there and seeing them again. But before we knew it the second show was over and there we were. Still no mention of a meet and greet so i didn't hang around too long. I wanted to let the kids ride a few more rides before going home. I also had to work again the next morning..yuk :( We talked to Steve again. I introduced him to Rich and the 3 kids. They all liked the show. They represent the new generation of Marty and R&R Cowboys fans. We listened to the Marty Party Hit Pack all the way home. Lisa and Shaina stayed there with Margie to ride back and show her how to get to my trailer. We didn't get much of a chance to visit but maybe next time. I really hope some more shows get put on the schedule that are close enough for us to go to (Ohio/PA, etc). I hope you all enjoy this review.

Review by Kim Moore, Barnesville, Ohio

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