Old Milton School - Milton, IN on November 27, 1999

All I can say is wow!!!! Well, almost!! We had a GREAT!! time. We got there early enough that we should've gone to the first show. But... we didn't. I guess I felt that I wanted to be there and make it last as long as I could. I was standing in line waiting to see Marty and was very excited to find out he was allowing pictures with everyone!! So, Matt (my 3-year old son) went up to Marty first. (He has his hair spiked like Marty's.) Marty says, "I like your hair!" and runs his hand over his head. As soon as we got seated, I asked Matt, "So, what did you think of Marty?" He ran his fingers over his hair and said, "Did he make my hair go flat?" Nikki was excited to see him too! He picked her up for a picture and she thought that was really nice of him. He sure is a sweetheart! I was soooo nervous I couldn't even think of anything to say! I was shaking like a leaf when we left. I had some things in my head before we went in but, once I got so close to such a gorgeous man, it all left my head!! Anyone else have that problem???

How do you get over it? I must say I'm pretty jealous of these people who have been to hundreds of his concerts!! But I am also glad for them, that way I know that Marty is being appreciated even when I can be there to support him. Even though he had put on a show a couple of hours ago he was still in rare form! He put on a wonderful show. I didn't keep track of how many songs he sang but it seemed like he did a couple of extra and even did two as an encore. Maybe someone else can give more details. I didn't see anyone that I recognized (off of the pictures I could find on the website) I was looking for shirts but I guess I'm too shy to say anything. You probably noticed me or at least my two "wild" kids running around. You were probably hiding from us!!! (smile)

Review by Renae McNamara, Owosso, MI

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