Old Milton School - Milton, IN on November 27, 1999

I'm finally home...after driving to Ohio and back to Kentucky on Thursday, driving to White Bluff, TN on Friday, ate breakfast with in-laws in Smyrna THEN driving to Milton on Saturday, then back to Kentucky today! (WHEW!)

Paul & I got there about an hour before the first show began...ran into Sheila and Cindy (GREAT to meet you two, by the way!)...talked to Marty briefly (VERY briefly) outside before the show started. (Renae, I thought I saw you & your kids running around there! I apologize for not knowing that was YOU! I'd have given you a big ol' hug!) :-D

Two local acts opened the show, then Nancy Middleton & her band from Nashville performed before Marty. (Marty invited her there.) I thought she was good...someone else there must have thought otherwise, because right before her last song, when it had been announced that Marty was coming up, some guy yelled, "HURRY UP!" (When I saw Marty at Rockin' the Smokies...(Newport, TN - July 4, 1996), someone held up a sign while HE was onstage, that said, "I'm Gonna Be Somebody...", and something similar to that happened to him at Starwood that September, when he was touring with Travis.) The nerve of some people!

ANYWAY...then it was Marty's turn! In short, I must say - this was the best I had seen him in a LONG time! Gary, Gregg, Brad & Steve were in top form, as well (AS USUAL!)...my only regret is that they didn't have a larger venue to perform in last night. It was tightly packed...but it was a MARTY PARTY...VERY much in progress!!! :-D

I'm doing my Christmas cards to Y'all tonight....so be looking for them! (I am also mailing everyone on The List a copy of the poem I wrote...I gave a copy of it to Marty last night...it went into the pile of "Hey So-And-So, will you hold this for me?" stuff that he sorts through on the bus later.)

Review by Jennifer Clark

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