Circle D Ranch - Marianna, FL on August 28, 1999

Well, yes we went to the concert in Florida this past Saturday. It was wonderful as always. I drove down and stopped in Alabama to pick up Cindy and we headed down. We played Marty CD's all the way. All 3 of us sang and had a great trip. We arrived early in the morning and went to the park before we could check in to the hotel. Once we were in the hotel we took a nap! Exciting so far?

We arrived early, about 5 p.m. because the gates open at 6 and we took lawn chairs so we could get up close. While we were waiting for the gates to open, Marty's bus arrived and Anna got very excited and started hollering, "Marty's here! Marty's here!" And jumping up and down. It tickled everyone there. We sat in the front row. There were two opening acts. The first were two girls that sang and had a guitar player. The second was a group that did a lot of rock style music. They then announced that Marty would be having his Meet & Greet after that group sang and before he went on stage. Anna enjoyed the 1st two groups and clapped and sang and danced. It was then time to get in line. Anna was ready.

We got up to Marty and he said, "Hi, Anna PigTails! What are doing way down here in Florida?" She immediately ran up and grabbed his legs to hug him before he could squat down. He loved it and so did she. It made the trip definitely worth while to see those two together. We only got a few seconds with him, as usual, but that was great. We then went back and sat in our seats.

They announced Marty coming on and everyone hollered. I never can remember the order in which he sings. After singing the first song, he noticed that Anna was in front and said, "Hi Anna-Marie" and waved at her from the stage. She waved back and grinned from ear to ear. He then went on and sang a few more and kept waving to Anna and making faces at her. I think everyone wondered what was going on. He also teased Cindy from the stage. Anna intensely watches every move he makes. I asked her if she was having fun and she said to me, "SHHHH I'm watching him play!" I guess that was great for her. I can understand. She is a true Marty fan.

She watched his fingers move and tried to imitate him. When she got home she picked up her guitar and tried to move her fingers like he did. It didn't sound anywhere near the same but she's trying and that's what counts. Marty played "Blue Train," "Hillbilly Rock," " Red, Red Wine and Cheatin' Songs," "The Whiskey Ain't Workin'," "The Pilgrim," "Burn Me Down." It was over too soon, of course. We then headed back the next morning. Well, we have to wait again. This week-end though, Cindy and me will be headed to Bonner Springs and St. Louis with Tami K. and we'll get to see the MAN again. Anna has to stay home this weekend though so I'm not telling her that we're going or she will be mad at me. Only four more days to Marty Party again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by Margie Sullivan, Smyrna, TN
Photo of Anna-Marie Decker by Mario Mattioli

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