Rock-A-Billys - Macon, GA on July 2, 1999

I recently went to see Marty and the Rock & Roll Cowboys at Rock-A-Billys in Macon, Georgia. It was the first concert scheduled there for their grand opening show. Tickets went on sale June 1, 1999. The place has 1,799 seats. It was packed. People came from miles to see the Marty Party show.

Marty played a lot of songs old and new. And everyone was loud!!! As they were playing songs, people kept coming in and the staff kept bringing out out more tables and chairs. These guys did not disappoint the audience.

Marty ended his concert and left the stage. Everyone wanted Marty to come back on the stage, so Marty came back out to play. First he got Gregg Stocki and told the audience it was his birthday and the audience sang, "Happy Birthday" to Gregg. Then Marty performed three more songs.

Now it's 12:30 a.m. and Marty was going to meet with fan club members. The line was very long but Marty took his time to see everyone. Boy, what a Marty Party that was. Marty and the Rock & Roll Cowboys were great. Everyone loved the show. I have been to many concerts. This is the first one in a while. I have seen only Marty and the Rock & Roll Cowboys at this venue. There was a full house just to see them perform in concert. It is well worth the trips to see them perform. I have been going to see them for years, even before I became a fan club member. The shows keep getting better and better.

Review by Joy Towery, Miami, FL

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