MCA Show - Fan Fair on June 17, 1997

The MCA show was Tuesday evening after the Fan Club Party. Marty performed third after Big House and Chely Wright. Getting to the fairgrounds late after the fan club party, it was impossible to find a seat with a decent view. We decided the photo line that runs right in front of the stage would be the best way to get a decent picture and an up-and-close view of Marty.

Marty opened the set with "Sweet Love." The photo line did not move. The second song was "The Whiskey Ain't Workin' Anymore," and the photo line did not move more than 15 feet. "Country Girls" was the third song and we moved maybe another 20 feet. It was beginning to look as though we weren't going to make it through to the stage before Marty was gone. During "Long Black Veil," the line began to move and we finally made it to the front of the stage during the second verse of that song. Marty closed with "Hillbilly Rock." There was no chance of getting to go through the photo line again. We really didn't get to see much (except on the giant TV screens). Trisha Yearwood followed Marty and Tracy Byrd closed out the MCA show. Marty was, by far, the best entertainer there. The crowd really loved him.

Review written by Sherry Mattioli
Photo taken by Mario Mattioli

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