Brown Theatre, Louisville, KY on December 1, 2007

I hadn't seen Marty live in about 4 years so I was more than ready to Marty Party! This was a wonderful concert for any Marty or bluegrass fan. He was on the bill with the Del McCoury Band. This was an acoustic set and I was fortunate to be front row center. I had three friends with me who had never seen Marty perform. The whole set was just wonderful. Marty sang a song he'd written about Johnny Cash called "Dark Bird" and it sent chills down my spine and put a huge lump in my throat. He talked several times about Johnny's passing and the house fire. This isn't to say the show was a downer- not at all. Marty and the Superlatives did a bluegrass version of "Stayin' Alive" that brought the house down! Kenny, Harry and Brian are such great musicians and Marty is nothing if not an amazing entertainer.

The Del McCoury Band is a terrific bluegrass group and this was my first time seeing them. Great harmonies and the pickin' was absolutely smokin'! I enjoyed the show so much and it just reminded me how fortunate we are to have Marty. This was my Christmas and birthday gift from my friends. They did good. God Bless you Marty and be well- you're the best!

Review by Brenda Whitlock

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