Coalfield Jamboree, Logan, WV on December 6, 2003

I went to the Marty Stuart/Connie Smith concert at the Coalfield Jamboree in Logan West Virginia on Saturday, December 6, 2003, and needless to say, I am extremely surprised, to say the least.

The concert started off with Connie Smith. I really can't remember the order of her songs, but I know she was in good voice that night, and she was really into her movements as well. About 3/4 of the way into her concert, she started talking and said that she was getting tired, and she needed a singing partner, which brought out...


He came out, talked with her for a minute, and then he and Connie sang "After The Fire Is Gone." When he went to the back, Connie Smith took the time to thank the Coalfield Jamboree for having them, but she also took the time to thank God for her singing talent, which allowed her to be there that night. She said that because of Him, she can sing good enough to be able to put on a concert like she just did. She then sang "How Great Thou Art," and took her final bow.

We had about a five, maybe ten minute intermission, and the next thing I knew, I looked up and Marty and his band were on stage. They opened up the concert with one of his Christmas songs, which was "Even Santa Claus Gets The Blues." then he was talking about his new CD, and he said that we should try it, and if we don't like it, we could send it to Travis Tritt, and he'll give us a complete refund. That led him into a new one off of the CD, "Too Much Month (At The End Of The Money)."

Marty asked the crowd to give him a "WELL........" When they did it, he told us that we could do better then that, and told us to give him a "well......" When we gave him a "well" louder, he went into "Whiskey Ain't Workin'," then he congratulated Travis, as he and his wife Teresa had just gotten another addition to their family.

Then he started talking about how bad Johnny Cash had it his last couple of months. And he said that he was going to pay homage to Johnny Cash, and sing a song that he wrote, but never got to record, because he passed on when he was about to record it. And then he sang "Walls of a Prison," which I cried during. I couldn't help it. And then he got into having more fun, as he sang "Burn Me Down," "Tempted," "If There Ain't, There Ought'a Be," and finally, "Hillbilly Rock."

After the concert was over, he held an autograph signing in the main lobby.

I was nervous went I went up to him, but he took my picture and signed it. I asked him: "Hey Marty, you think that I could get a picture with you." Then he held out his hand, shook mine, and said: "Sure, snap it." So I had a woman behind me snap the picture, and then we shook hands again, and I thanked him once more. He said: "No problem, buddy."

I have been to see all kinds of people at the Coalfield Jamboree. David Ball, Billy Ray Cyrus, and they have all done a good show. But I will never, ever, ever, forget the show that Marty Stuart put on. Now that was entertainment.

Review by Freelan Justice, Logan, WV

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