Little Nashville Opry - Nashville, IN on July 11, 1998

Is it possible to OD on Marty? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just in awe of his talent and the love he has for what he does. You can see by his expressions he puts everything he's got into it from the very depths of his soul.

He did do two Buck Owens songs and talked about the Taco Bell dog. Said he never wanted to eat at Taco Bell until they got that bug-eyed dog, now he wants to go twice a day! Connie was there and she came out and sang "Once a Day" at both shows. She looked beautiful and sang even better. The whole time she sang, he just stepped back and picked with a big ole grin on his face. I'm not very good with a review. I get so caught up in it, I forgot to write the songs down!

He said it was a bittersweet day due to the loss of Roy Rogers and, even though it isn't a cowboy song, he played the mandolin solo "I Can't Help Falling In Love." It was beautiful. He did "Hobo's Prayer" at both shows and "Long Black Veil" at the second. He said he hadn't recorded that one but maybe he ought to, because he had four requests for it at the meet and greet. He also did "Hey Baby," "Tempted," "Hillbilly Rock," "Country Girls," "Whiskey Ain't Working."

He told the story about Mr. Cobb and Brother Travis. He also did an old Bill Monroe song he had on an old 78. I didn't get the name but it was about building a Holy Ghost Building. Do you know that one? ["I'm Working on the Building"] It was neat. Both shows were so good I can't remember everything! He did sign my painting: "To Sheila, Love Always Marty Stuart 1998." And I got a HUG!!!!!!! I told him I had something special and he said "What ya got?" He looked at it and said,"Wow that looks better than me!" It's very special and I'll treasure it forever. [Note: a friend had given Sheila an oil painting of Marty]

I did see Margie, Judy and Glenda. The meet and greet line was pretty long and, when I was buying my T-shirt, several people asked about joining the fan club, so that's good.

Review by Sheila Walters from Waynesville, OH

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