Lanierland - Cumming, GA on August 15, 1998

Marty was in prime form onstage, dancing around, and giving the Cowboys sly grins. They came onstage with little fan fair. The Cowboys were dressed in black jeans and tee's. Marty was in that black polka-dot, ruffled shirt and powder blue jacket featured in many of his photos of late.

Unless I take notes, I can never remember the set list. Guess who forgot her pen <G>? I do know that he performed one of his new compositions, "Hobo's Prayer." He is really developing into an excellent writer. That song is beautiful and the blending of the melody with the lyrics makes it all the more moving. He seems to be featuring his mandolin playing more than in the past--I always welcome that. As for the Rock & Roll Cowboys, I know of no finer band in country music! I have to admit there are some rock bands that I love, but they can't exceed the Cowboys in any form of music.

The show primarily consisted of "Marty-standards," with a couple of oldies tossed in for good measure. To be honest, I get into the music, think that I can remember the songs, and afterwards forget what was actually played. Let's just say I had a ball, okay <G>!!! Marty did the "Mr. Cobb Story" again. But this time he and Travis were looking for money to fund the "No Hats Tour." That's a different take than the last time I heard it. And someone (my daughter said it was Brad) did an amazing cricket-sounding phone ring. LOL!

At the meet and greet, Marty was gracious, as always. He did seem a little more tired than usual--I wonder if he might still be suffering from the after-effects of the flu he had. (I know when I had it in January, it was at least three weeks until I felt significantly better and I wasn't trying to dance and sing every night!).

They had broken their set down and were on their way by the third Oak Ridge Boys' song (BTW, they were fantastic too!). I saw the exterior of the new bus for the first time--Man, WHAT A BUS!

Review by Karla Turbyfield

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