American Music Theatre - Lancaster, PA on May 29, 1999

Well everybody, the concert in Lancaster is over. BooHooHoo!!!!!! It went way too fast!!! But it sure was fun!!!! The doors opened at 7:00 at the American Music Theatre, and Mary and I were there right on time! It was the first time I had been there, even though we live in the next county. It's really a nice place to see a concert. But it's not a big place, so it kinda reminds me of Valley Forge Music Fair.

We were in row D, which was 4 rows from the stage. There were two big screens above us, and over on the other side, where we could see the interview taking place, but we couldn't hear it. They played some music though from The Pilgrim, so that was OK. We could watch the screens during the show too, and see what the rest of you were seeing. (Only we saw more...... mmmmmm!!!!!)

Right before the show, Mike Copelin and some of the guys came out in their outfits with bullhorns, and got the crowd wound up. (There were alot of older folks there.) They announced that anyone who wants to sign up for the fan club and join tonight, follow them, and then they can see and meet Marty after the show.

Finally, the music started and Our Man came out!! The first part of the show they did some of the older songs from past albums. About half way through, Marty introduced the Rock and Roll Cowboys, and one by one they left the stage. Marty did a solo number, and then the boys came back and Marty left. When he came back, there was a backdrop with stars and........he was wearing THE coat! He only wore it for one number though, cause he said it's too hot (not as hot as the guy wearing it though...........WOW).

For the second half of the show, they did about 5 songs from the new album, The Pilgrim. "Reasons," "Hobo's Prayer," and "Red, Red Wine and Cheatin' Songs," are the 3 that stick in my mind at the moment. Plus "The Pilgrim."

When the last song was sung, and Marty left the stage, everyone was on their feet! I figured Marty and the boys would come back out, and they did!!!! They did two encore numbers. Then Marty came to the edge of the stage and shook a couple hands, waved, and left.

There was a meet and greet after the show. I got my picture from fan club signed. He stood right inside the back door of the theatre, and a security guard hustled us out the door as soon as our time with Marty was over. By the time Marty came out for autographs and we got to see him, all of his "stuff" was packed up and ready to go!

As always, as soon as I was out the door I was missing Marty already!! Time sure goes fast when you're with him! By 10:00 it was all over! Really one of the earliest nights I've ever had at a Marty concert! I sure hope he comes back to Lancaster real soon!

Review by Donna Schmehl, Sinking Spring, PA

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