Lake of the Torches Casino - Lac du Flambeau, WI on August 19, 1999

When I arrived at the Casino/Hotel and checked in, I also checked to see what time sound check would be and, within one hour, I was sitting and listening to Marty rehearse. I am allowed this privilege as Co-President (and founder) of the fan club. I chatted with Marty briefly after sound check and he went to eat. Then I ran into two members (Margie Brodmerkle and Ellie Viscione) and we had supper together and chatted about Fan Fair. (I had to miss the Fan Club Party this year as I was working six mornings per week feeding animals.)

Finally showtime! Marty walked on stage and sang "High On A Mountain Top," then "The Whiskey Ain't Workin.' " When he had the audience sing along, he quipped, "I sure hope ya'll gamble better than you sing!" He then talked about his early influences and his ex-father-in-law (the one and only Johnny Cash!) and sang "Blue Train" with Gary playing a solo part on the steel guitar. Wow! That boy can make the steel ring.

The fourth song was "Tempted," followed by "Dark As A Dungeon" where Marty plays mandolin. It's a shame he doesn't practice more! Ha ha. MAN can he make that puppy talk. And, he makes it look so easy! Right! Number 6 was "Burn Me Down." Well, he started it anyway. Then he stops and introduced his band. Amazingly enough, they were ALL (including Marty) from Wisconsin! (Of course, next time I see him, they'll all be from Minnesota!) He actually finished "Burn Me Down" to a lot of screaming and yelling.

Number 7 was "Sometimes The Pleasure's Worth The Pain" and talked a bit about The Pilgrim CD. Number 8, Marty introduced as a honky tonk song -- "Ain't it Pat?" Then sang "Red, Red Wine and Cheatin' Songs." After the applause died down, he talked about living where he could always hear a train and wanting to be a hobo when he grew up. He even told his mama he was going to be a hobo. (I can imagine Hilda's response to that one!) When he sang "Hobo's Prayer," no one made a sound!

Number 10 was the instrumental duel between Marty and Brad as they played "Soldier's Joy." (Double WOW!). He finished the show with "Hillbilly Rock." Because of the Casino's rules, he was not able to do an encore, to everyone's disappointment. At least we (Margie, Ellie and me) had the meet and greet and another show to look forward to.

The second show line up was......

  1. "Rocket Ship"
  2. "Hey Baby" -- (My very favorite of Marty's songs)
  3. "The Whiskey Ain't Workin' " -- His comment on the audience singing? "Do ya'll gamble as good as you sing? They'll make a killing off you."
  4. "Are You Ready For The Country"--Are You Ready For Me (What a question! Aren't we always?)
  5. He slowed to a love song -- "Till I Found You" -- and
  6. "That's What Love's About" -- (A close second favorite of mine)
  7. "Tempted" -- brought the tempo back to speed
  8. Marty picked up his mandolin and played and sang, "Oh, What A Silent Night," -- (Remember my comment earlier? Oh, can he make that "puppy" sing.)
  9. Then he introduced his band members and this time only Marty was from Wisconsin! And he sang "Burn Me Down."
  10. He talked about "Johnny Cash Influence" and then sang "Ring of Fire" -- (My #1 J.C. song). Marty is about the only one who can get by with singing "Cash" songs as far as I am concerned and he does one HECK of a job!
  11. "Ring of Fire" was followed by "Long Black Veil" and he does a STUPENDOUS job on it!
  12. Then he talked about The Pilgrim and sang "Sometimes The Pleasure's Worth The Pain" and
  13. "Draggin' Around These Chains of Love" followed by
  14. "Now That's Country" and
  15. "Hillbilly Rock" -- He left the stage to thunderous applause. I guess the Casino management mellowed some as Marty was allowed to do an encore of the following songs:
  16. "The Pilgrim"
  17. A mandolin instrumental -- (WOW, WOW, and WOW)
  18. He ended the night with "Western Girls"

After the final meet and greet, I went on the bus with him for about five minutes. He showed me a draft of his book and I'm telling everyone, it'll be GREAT when it's printed. Be sure to buy it.

Review by Pat Katz, St. Croix Falls, WI
Former Co-President, Marty Stuart Fan Club

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