Late Night Jam , Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN on June 9, 2010

Eddie Stubbs started the introductions talking about MusiCares and how they are going to be helping with the flood victims and damage from last month. He said that this year's show was not going to be on radio as before, and that Marty and Connie would be meeting with all those who wanted to meet him after the show. Then he introduced Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives for the 9th Annual Late Night Jam.

Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives performed "Stop the World (And Let Me Off)," (I may miss a few), "Tear The Wood Pile Down" and Gary Carter came out to play steel guitar for them. They performed "The Whiskey Ain't Workin' " with audience participation, reminding everyone as always to be sure to send their tickets to Travis if they weren't happy with the show. Then Marty sang "Long Black Veil." Kenny then went into "Country Music's Got A Hold On Me." Eddie Stubbs brought his fiddle and out came the Opry Dancers with a "smaller" version as well.

Marty asked where everyone was from (anywhere from Texas to England and Australia). They asked for birthdays, so Lisa got a birthday wish and song. Marty then introduced Keith Urban as his guitar brother. Keith performed: "I'm In," "Making Memories Of Us" during which he stopped suddenly when someone said "You're beautiful," and he said "I hope that was girl. It is getting late." Keith also joined Marty on "It Ain't Right."

Marty asked Harry if he liked his car, and then talked about Keith's Bentley he was driving. He also told a story as an introduction to a song about his Cadillac and Harry calling 411 and 911 and he had to run over to pick him up and the house was rockin'. Harry's wife was spattin' nasty words, and ball bats flyin', and in his Cadillac with 300,000 miles he picked him up and brought him to the Jam. they rolled down the only electric window that worked on the car, and started in on the song "Stop Your Talkin, Stop Doggin Me Around."

Then they introduced Paul Martin's son Kell Martin who played a beautiful piano piece "Maple Leaf Rag". Wowed everyone.

Marty talked about the Indian Choctaw Fair in Mississippi where he and his mom Hilda and sister Jennifer went to hear Connie Smith, and he got his picture with her and an autograph wearing the yellow shirt his mom took him out to buy so she would notice him. How he told his mom on the way home, "I'm gonna marry her." Then 25 years later she said yes. They went back to the fair recently with both their bands. He wrote a song to commemorate it, "I Met My Baby At The Choctaw Fair." Connie came out to sing "They Way Love Should Be" and "You've Got Me Right Where You Want Me." They told about D.J. McCall singing back up with Connie years ago. Then introduced her daughter Amber Digby. She sang "Here I Am Again" and sang back up with Connie on "Once A Day." Connie also did a Loretta Lynn version of the song as well.

Marty sang "This One's Gonna Hurt You" then explained again that Ronnie Millsap was not able to come, but then introduced Gene Watson who came in his place representing Texas. He performed his "Farewell Party" and "If You've Got the Money (I've Got The Time)."

Marty introduced Apostle Paul Martin, for "The Bluegrass Express" and said he loves younguns. Paul's son March Martin came out with his purple guitar that Marty asked if he got it from Prince. March led them out in "Tempted" and played solo guitar licks, then sang the last part of song himself. He also had an instrumental guitar solo. Marty told Paul he might as well get the bail money ready for him........he's a musician!

Marty talked about the PIne Ridge Reservation where he and Connie were married and how much he loved the reservation and the people. How he'd been adopted by the Lakota tribe. He said even though they had the casino's, that it didn't fix all the problems, and how they were still the poorest in the nation. He played a song: "In And Out Of The Casino," then an instrumental.

Songwriter Dallas Frazier sang "14 Carat Mind" and "All I Have To Offer You (Is Me)" with Connie. Duane Allen of Oak Ridge Boys came out to sing "Elvira," and Marty said "It's nice to have legends as friends".

Marty told of the time he came to Nashville on Greyhound and the Greyhound Bus Station was downtown, 1972 on Labor Day, and no one was there to pick him up. He said that was the most lonesome he'd ever felt. He walked around the corner and saw the Ryman and almost cried.

He talked about the Patsy Cline plane crash and listening to the Opry on the radio at the time, and during the show their having a moment of silence for Patsy and the others. He said his first two records were Flatt & Scruggs and Johnny Cash and how he wound up working with both of them.

They did a rendition of "Luther Played the Boogie Woogie" featuring Kenny Vaughn and inserting his name in the song. "Ring of Fire" was next with audience participation once again.

Songwriter Cowboy Jack Clement was introduced with "Just Someone I Used To Know" and "I Guess Things Happen That Way" and something about "Blame It On The Rolling Stones."

Vince Gill then came out. He said he'd know Marty since 1974 when they both had darker hair. He sang "Pocket Full of Gold." He then said he was playing a cheatin' song, so if you're with someone you're not supposed to be with this is for you. He said it was a new song called "If I Die." Marty, Harry, and Vince performed a gospel song, "Strangers to Me." Eddie Stubbs came back on fiddle and the Opry Dancers came out again.

Marty then called for Marc Dottore, Marty's manager, who informed them that $4,159 was going to Music Education and they had raised $23,500 from the show with all funds going to help with the flood.

Eddie Stubbs had been asking for donations that could be brought up to the stage all during the show and $2,800 was raised at that point for the same help with the flood.

Ralph Mooney was introduced and was tickled to get started playing steel guitar! "Crazy Arms," "Drifting Apart," "Little Heartbreaker," "Swinging Doors," "Jukebox, Bar Stool." They were all so much fun to watch to hear.

Eddie told about some of the items that would be for sale at the booth: Marty's picture book, Connie's inspirational CD's, DVD with 2 discs of RFD-TV season one of Marty's TV show, and a biography/picture book of Marty and the Superlatives and much more. There was also a t-shirt commerating the 9th Jam.

At that point LeRoy Troy and the Mafia Jug Band came out calling themselves Rascal Flatt after taxes. Dan, Andy, Lester, Leroy, and Eli performed "Liza Jane," and then with Marty and the Band "Little Talk With Jesus." Marty had written a song; "Heaven" and sang that. Such a good song.

D.L. Moody came out for the Hillbilly Choir (everyone who was still there) for "I Saw The Light" and then "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" and ended the show with "Hillbilly Rock". It was a great show and Marty and Connie looked great for the after show autographs and pictures for anyone wanting a picture with them. Eddie Stubbs was the happy photographer if needed. Hilda and Jennifer were waiting and talking to old friends who passed by.

Marty Jam 2011, can't wait, Number 10!!!!

Review by Mary Runyan

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