Tennessee Valley Fair - Knoxville, TN on September 16, 1998

Well guys I'm still flying high!!!!!!!!

Marty was great. The first show Marty came out in tight white jeans and a tank top. He had on a bandana. I guess it worked two purposes. One, it was a sweat band and two he didn't have to fix his hair. It was awfully hot and humid. That didn't stop Marty from giving a 100% and more. The first show was filled with a lot of his hits like "Now That's Country," "Hillbilly Rock," "Tempted," "Burn Me Down," and several instrumentals that really showed off his pickin' talents. There were several others.

The fan club had a meet and greet. Marty changed into a white shirt. Same coolness he has and gave everyone a hug, signed autographs,and we all gave him encouraging words. When he came back out for the second show, he was even better. The band was all fired up and it was a better show. Marty again showed his many talents not only with his singing, pickin' and his whit. He came back out and did a couple more songs for an encore.

I got to meet Margie, LaDonna and her husband, and Ellie and it was great. It is nice to meet people that you talk with on here (mailing list) . It's not just a name. You can put a face with it. Had a great time and just wished it didn't have to end. I guess I just can't get enough of that guy. I lucked up and a lady at my church gave me a pass to sit on the front row. Boy was I lucky. Wished everyone could have been there.

Review by Brenda Metz (Marty's Knoxville Girl)

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