Kentucky State Fair - Louisville, Kentucky on August 27, 1998

I knew with the concert being free I'd better get there early. People began to line up at 4:30 p.m.; the gates didn't open until 6:30. It was 92 degrees and people were crabby! When the gates opened people just started running. I was lucky. I sat in the second row center, perfect view. The show didn't start until 8:00, so I had lots of time to check out the crowd. I didn't see anyone I knew but thought I recognized a couple from the fan club party. Tammy came up from Florida and Kay was from Nashville. Mike and Randy were busy on stage doing their thing. There was a trailer to the right of the stage and Marty's bus was on the left in the back. Charlie Daniels came out of the trailer, walked around talking to the crew and waved at the crowd {who went nuts!] Just before 8:00 Mike and Randy came out and tossed red and black Frisbees into the crowd with Marty's logo, I got a red one!

The R/R Cowboys just walked out, dressed in jeans and black tees, then the emcee introduced Marty as the "best dressed man in country music." He had on jeans and the black and white polka dot shirt he wore to the auction. He looked great! I started to take a picture and the security guy told me I couldn't because I had a zoom lens. He watched me pretty close, but I did snap a few when he wasn't looking.

Marty and the boys were in top form laughing, and having a good time. He sang a lot of the older songs, "Tempted," "Western Girls," "Hillbilly Rock," "The Whiskey Ain't Workin'," "This One's Gonna Hurt You," "Now That's Country," "Country Girls," and "Honky Tonkin's What I do Best." The only new song he did was "Hobo's Prayer." The guys of course were from towns in Kentucky and Marty was from Louisville. He said he was thrilled to be doing the show with Charlie--"The man country music was all about, if everyone was like Charlie we wouldn't have to lock our doors and nobody would carry guns." The crowd was really into it singing along, Marty would just play and grin and let us sing. Another GREAT Marty Party!

The meet and greet line was not really long but you know Mike. He gets us in and out pretty quick. Marty signed a hat and my Frisbee gave me one of those HUGS, thanked me for coming and now it's off to Athens! Can't wait.

Review and photos by Sheila Walters

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